Jun.15 - Haas should back off its public criticisms of struggling team driver Mick Schumacher.

That is the view of Sebastian Vettel, a close friend of former mentor Michael Schumacher, whose 23-year-old son Mick now drives in Formula 1.

Pressure is now building on young Schumacher's shoulders following a spate of public criticisms by his boss Gunther Steiner.

"Criticism is justified in this regard," quadruple world champion Vettel told Bild newspaper.

"But they can't keep on at him. They also need to say something when things go well."

After Monaco, where Schumacher's latest high speed crash split his car in two, Steiner publicly warned the German about a repeat in Baku.

Mick then qualified dead last in Azerbaijan and called the situation "stupid".

"We all drive at the limit," Vettel said. "That something can go wrong is part of it.

"I think in that situation, you should do everything you can to have your driver's back. From my own experience, it's not easy when the team keeps at you."

Mick's uncle, Ralf Schumacher, is also putting the onus on Haas to improve its 2022 car.

"Haas' goal must be to bring an update to the car as early as possible," he told Sky Deutschland.

"I heard that unfortunately it won't come before the French GP, which is a delay that makes life harder for everyone.

"Still, Mick has to be as fast as or faster than his teammate," Schumacher acknowledged. "If he is faster than Magnussen, things will look better for him again."

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16 F1 Fan comments on “Vettel says Haas team must stop criticising Schumacher

  1. ReallyOldRacer

    In just 8 races Haas has taken a solid midfield car and returned it to turd status. Scream on, Gunny, it makes good Netflix fodder but the fact is your car sucks. Whose fault is that?

    • ReallyOldRacer

      BTW, solution.....Mr. Hass, back to the solution suggested last year, sell the deal to Andretti. Let Michael flush some public money down the drain.

      • ReallyOldRacer

        Swede, in what universe is qualifying 16th and DNF when you were sniffing at top 5 two races ago, 'doing fine'? Second car qualifies 20th and finishes 14th, ahead of only LAT on track. That, my friend, is not 'fine'. My original thought was Haas 8th in WCC and 10-20 points for MSC. Sticking with that forecast, but right now they are underperforming and hangin' at the back. (yes, another poop reference) LOL

        • Swede

          ROR, you old Haas hater (and turd flinger) you... ;-)

          Its not the turd of last year. Its faster now, but has a ways to go yet. At least KMAGs now being pounded to death or porpoising like a nose pirced fish.

          MSC will score no points IMO.

          KMAG will score 10-20.

          • ReallyOldRacer

            For heavens sake, Swede, pay attention. I have been the only Haas supporter on this site for 5 seasons, but reality is reality. And MAG has already scored 15 points. So, your point is what other than starting an argument? Now go ride your motorbike or kill some fish or something.

  2. smokey

    Seb says ~ "But they can't keep on at him. They also need to say something when things go well."
    They are still waiting for things to go well, so they can say something positive! Major crashes and car destructions through driver error are not usually cause for saying anything positive!


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