1975 F1 Championship Results

1975 F1 World Championship
RaceDateWinning DriverTeamLapsTime
Argentine Grand Prix resultJanuary 12Brazil Emerson Fittipaldi
United Kingdom McLaren5301:39:26.290
Brazilian Grand Prix resultJanuary 26Brazil Carlos Pace
United Kingdom Brabham4001:44:41.170
South African Grand Prix resultMarch 1South Africa Jody Scheckter
United Kingdom Tyrrell7801:43:16.900
Spanish Grand Prix resultApril 27Germany Jochen Mass
United Kingdom McLaren2900:42:53.700
Monaco Grand Prix resultMay 11Austria Niki Lauda
Italy Ferrari7502:01:21.310
Belgian Grand Prix resultMay 25Austria Niki Lauda
Italy Ferrari7001:43:53.980
Swedish Grand Prix resultJune 8Austria Niki Lauda
Italy Ferrari8001:59:18.319
Dutch Grand Prix resultJune 22United Kingdom James Hunt
United Kingdom Hesketh7501:46:57.400
French Grand Prix resultJuly 6Austria Niki Lauda
Italy Ferrari5401:40:18.840
British Grand Prix resultJuly 19Brazil Emerson Fittipaldi
United Kingdom McLaren5601:22:05.000
German Grand Prix resultAugust 3Argentina Carlos Reutemann
United Kingdom Brabham1401:41:14.100
Austrian Grand Prix resultAugust 17Italy Vittorio Brambilla
United Kingdom March2900:57:56.690
Italian Grand Prix resultSeptember 7Switzerland Clay Regazzoni
Italy Ferrari5201:22:42.600
United States Grand Prix resultOctober 5Austria Niki Lauda
Italy Ferrari5901:42:58.175

1975 Formula 1 Drivers Championship Table

1Austria Niki Lauda655Ret111218363164.5
2Brazil Emerson Fittipaldi12NCDNS278Ret41Ret92245
3Argentina Carlos Reutemann3823932414Ret1144Ret37
4United Kingdom James Hunt26RetRetRetRetRet124Ret25433
5Switzerland Clay Regazzoni4416NCRet533Ret13Ret71WD25
6Brazil Carlos PaceRet14Ret38Ret5Ret2RetRetRetRet24
7South Africa Jody Scheckter11Ret1Ret7271693Ret88620
8Germany Jochen Mass143616RetRetRet37Ret4Ret320
9France Patrick Depailler5Ret3Ret54129699117Ret12
10United Kingdom Tom Pryce12Ret9RetRet6Ret6RetRet436NC8
11Italy Vittorio Brambilla9RetRet5RetRetRetRetRet6Ret1Ret76.5
12France Jacques LaffiteRet11NC DNQRet Ret11Ret2RetRetDNS6
13Sweden Ronnie PetersonRet1510Ret4Ret91510RetRet5Ret56
14United States Mario AndrettiRet717RetRet 4 51210RetRetRet5
15United States Mark Donohue7Ret8RetRet1158Ret5RetNC  4
16Belgium Jacky Ickx891228Ret15RetRet     3
17Australia Alan Jones   RetRetRet111316105   2
18France Jean-Pierre JarierDNSRetRet4RetRetRetRet814RetRetRetRet1.5
19United Kingdom Tony Brise   7 Ret67715Ret15RetRet1
20Netherlands Gijs Van Lennep       1015 6   1
21Italy Lella Lombardi  Ret6DNQRetRet1418Ret717RetDNS0.5
22Germany Rolf Stommelen13147Ret       16Ret 0
23United Kingdom John WatsonDSQ10Ret8Ret1016Ret1311Ret10 90
24Austria Harald Ertl          8Ret9 0
25Germany Hans Joachim Stuck         RetRetRetRet80
26United Kingdom Bob Evans  15RetDNQ913Ret17  RetRet 0
27Brazil Wilson FittipaldiRet13DNQRetDNQ121711Ret19RetDNQ 100
28United Kingdom Graham Hill1012DNQ DNQ         0
29United States Brett Lunger           1310Ret0
30Sweden Torsten Palm    DNQ 10       0
31Italy Arturo MerzarioNCRetRetRetDNQRet      11 0
32South Africa Guy Tunmer  11           0
33New Zealand Chris Amon           1212 0
34South Africa Ian Scheckter  Ret   Ret12      0
35France Jean-Pierre Jabouille        12     0
36United Kingdom Jim Crawford         Ret  13 0
37South Africa Eddie Keizan  13           0
38South Africa Dave Charlton  14           0
39United Kingdom Damien Magee      14       0
40Italy Renzo Zorzi            14 0
41United Kingdom Brian Henton         16 NC NC0
42New Zealand John Nicholson         17    0
43United Kingdom Dave Morgan         18    0
44France François Migault   NC Ret  DNS     0
45Netherlands Roelof Wunderink   RetDNQ    DNQ NCDNQRet0
46United Kingdom Mike WildsRetRet            0
47Australia Vern Schuppan      Ret       0
48France Michel Leclère             Ret0
49Switzerland Jo Vonlanthen           Ret  0
50Japan Hiroshi Fushida       DNS DNQ    0
51United Kingdom Ian Ashley          Ret   0
52United Kingdom Tony Trimmer          DNQDNQDNQ 0

Austria Niki Lauda14512897332064.5
Argentina Carlos Reutemann14123606560037
United Kingdom James Hunt14130405851033
Switzerland Clay Regazzoni14102306004025
Brazil Carlos Pace14111315591024
Germany Jochen Mass14103405661020
South Africa Jody Scheckter14111306950020
Italy Vittorio Brambilla1410011388106.5
France Patrick Depailler14001106611012
United Kingdom Tom Pryce1400111587008
Sweden Ronnie Peterson1400000563006
Brazil Emerson Fittipaldi13240606731045
France Jean-Pierre Jarier1300001367101.5
United Kingdom John Watson1300000509000
United States Mario Andretti1200000373105
United States Mark Donohue1200000503004
France Jacques Laffite1001010306006
United Kingdom Tony Brise1000000347001
Italy Lella Lombardi1000000277000.5
Brazil Wilson Fittipaldi1000000387000
Belgium Jacky Ickx901010423003
Australia Alan Jones800000334002
United Kingdom Bob Evans800000306000
Germany Rolf Stommelen600000223000
Italy Arturo Merzario600000141000
Germany Hans Joachim Stuck500000131000
Netherlands Gijs Van Lennep300000138001
Netherlands Roelof Wunderink30000086000
Austria Harald Ertl30000088000
United States Brett Lunger300000124000
United Kingdom Brian Henton300000102000
South Africa Ian Scheckter300000174000
United Kingdom Mike Wilds20000046000
France François Migault20000075000
United Kingdom Graham Hill20000091000
United Kingdom Jim Crawford20000074000
New Zealand Chris Amon20000076000
New Zealand John Nicholson10000051000
France Jean-Pierre Jabouille10000054000
Australia Vern Schuppan10000047000
Italy Renzo Zorzi10000046000
South Africa Dave Charlton10000076000
United Kingdom Dave Morgan10000050000
United Kingdom Ian Ashley1000000000
Switzerland Jo Vonlanthen10000014000
France Michel Leclère1000005000
Sweden Torsten Palm10000078000
South Africa Guy Tunmer10000076000
United Kingdom Damien Magee10000078000
South Africa Eddie Keizan10000076000

1975 Formula 1 Constructors Championship Table

1Italy Ferrari445NC111218361172.5
2United Kingdom Brabham312333241421144Ret54 (56)
3United Kingdom McLaren1261278Ret31Ret42253
4United Kingdom Hesketh26RetRetRetRet10124825433
5United Kingdom Tyrrell5Ret1Ret527963987625
6United Kingdom Shadow12Ret94Ret6Ret6814436NC9.5
7United Kingdom Lotus891024Ret9151016Ret51359
8United Kingdom March9RetRet5RetRetRet1418571Ret77
9United Kingdom WilliamsNC11NC7DNQRet141211Ret2Ret14DNS6
10United States ParnelliRet717RetRet 4 51210RetRetRet5
11United Kingdom Hill  7 DNQRet67710515RetRet3
12United States Penske7Ret8RetRet1158Ret    92
13United Kingdom Ensign   RetDNQ  1015DNQ61212Ret1
14United Kingdom SurteesDSQ10Ret8Ret1016Ret1311 10  0
15United Kingdom BRMRetRet15RetDNQ913Ret17  RetRet 0
16Brazil FittipaldiRet13DNQRetDNQ121711Ret19RetDNQ11100
17United Kingdom Lola1012DNQRet          0
18United Kingdom Lyncar         17    0
19Japan Maki       DNS DNQDNQDNQDNQ 0

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