Feasibility Concerns Shadow Talks of Combined MotoGP-F1 Extravaganza

Apr.29 – The boss of a current MotoGP circuit has played down rumours suggesting Liberty Media might organise a joint MotoGP-F1 race..

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29 Apr 2024

Marquez Backs Alonso: “Experience Trumps Age in F1 Arena”

Apr.17 – Top MotoGP rider and six-time champion Marc Marquez has hit back at the notion that Fernando Alonso should have hung up his..

17 Apr 2024

Rumours of joint F1-MotoGP Race Weekend Gaining Speed

Apr.4 – It is a “medium term” goal to host a unique and sensational joint race weekend involving both Formula 1 and its..

4 Apr 2024

Liberty’s Maffei Says MotoGP-F1 Merger Off the Table

Apr.2 – Greg Maffei, the CEO of Formula 1’s commercial rights holder Liberty Media, has shot down rumours the category will be..

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3 Apr 2024

High-Stakes Race: F1 Bosses Close In on Mega MotoGP Deal!

Mar.28 – Rumours that F1’s commercial owner Liberty Media is also buying the two-wheeled equivalent, MotoGP, are becoming more..

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28 Mar 2024

Boss admits MotoGP could be bought by F1 owner

Feb.28 – Carmelo Ezpeleta, MotoGP’s long-time boss, is not denying that the premier two-wheeled category could be bought by F1..

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28 Feb 2024

F1 Owner Liberty Media Eyes $4 Billion MotoGP Takeover

Feb.27 – Liberty Media, the owner of Formula 1’s commercial rights since 2017, has set its sights on acquiring the..

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27 Feb 2024

Ezpeleta Eyes Historic F1-MotoGP Crossover in Madrid’s Streets

Feb.1 – Formula 1 and MotoGP, the top global motor racing categories on four and two wheels respectively, are inching towards a..

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1 Feb 2024

Red Bull’s F1 Dominance: Can Anyone “Break the Perfection” This Season?

Jan.30 – Former F1 driver Gerhard Berger thinks every sign is pointing towards a fourth-consecutive world championship triumph for..

30 Jan 2024

Revving Up the Excitement: F1 and MotoGP Discuss Epic Joint Weekend!

Jan.24 – Formula 1 and MotoGP are still open to the sensational idea of staging a joint round of their respective world..

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24 Jan 2024

F1 to MotoGP: Brivio Eyes Comeback with Honda’s Offer

Nov.25 – A top Alpine official looks set to return to his more familiar two-wheeled world. Davide Brivio was headhunted by..

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25 Nov 2023

MotoGP Boss Hits Back at Wolff and Defends Unified Weekend Format

Jul.7 – Toto Wolff has revealed he is no fan of the new trends in Formula 1’s race weekend format. The Mercedes boss says his..

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7 Jul 2023

Ducati’s aero advantage: How It will benefit Audi in F1

Jun.22 – The dominance of the Ducati team in MotoGP this year could ultimately flow into Audi’s works Formula 1 project for..

22 Jun 2023

MotoGP Boss Admits Challenges for Joint F1 Weekend Despite Fascinating Idea

Apr.17 – A joint race weekend featuring both Formula 1 and MotoGP will be “difficult” to get off the ground. That is the..

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17 Apr 2023

Revving up the excitement: F1 & MotoGP to share race weekend?

Apr.1 – Formula 1 and its two-wheeled equivalent MotoGP may be exploring the idea of sharing a single race weekend. Recently, F1 CEO..

1 Apr 2023

Red Bull does not want Verstappen to test MotoGP bike

Dec.9 – Red Bull has blocked Max Verstappen from trying his hand at the controls of a MotoGP bike. At the recent end-of-year Honda..

9 Dec 2022

Verstappen not happy with F1 sprint race expansion

Sep.1 – Max Verstappen has admitted his opposition to adding more ‘sprint race’ weekends to the Formula 1 calendar. Three..

1 Sep 2022

Title controversy ‘not good’ for F1 says MotoGP boss

Feb.4 – The “controversy” surrounding the end of the ultra-intense 2021 world championship is not a good thing. While the..

4 Feb 2022

Is Alpine’s team official Brivio returning to MotoGP next season?

Oct.13 – Davide Brivio looks set for a sensational return to MotoGP. Earlier this year, Alpine’s newest team official admitted..

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13 Oct 2021

Possible no major races will happen in 2020

MotoGP boss Carmelo Ezpeleta admits that top motorsport categories may not be able to race at all in 2020. Like F1, MotoGP’s race..

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8 Apr 2020

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