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Sainz’s Father Says This Year’s Ferrari Will Be Better

Jan.19 – Ferrari’s 2024 car “must be better”, Carlos Sainz’s famous father insists. Carlos Sainz senior, 61,..

19 Jan 2024

FIA Unveils Radical Weight Reduction Plan for 2026 F1 Season

Dec.14 – F1’s governing body will put the cars on a diet for the all-new regulations starting in 2026. One of the major..

14 Dec 2023

F1’s Weighty Dilemma: Can Smaller Wheels Save the Sport’s Future?

Oct.4 – Formula 1 could shrink the size of the wheels and tyres as part of an effort to get the rising height of the already-hefty..

4 Oct 2023

Revamped Tyres: Will They Shake Up the F1 Hierarchy at Silverstone?

Jul.7 – Pirelli has denied claims its mid-season tyre specification change will add yet another kilogram to the already-hefty weight..

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7 Jul 2023

F1 technical guru proposes radical solution to shed car weight

Jun.17 – One F1 technical guru has a simple solution to get the hefty weight of Formula 1 cars down – just announce it. FIA..

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17 Jun 2023

Weight woes: F1 admits cars are bulking up, but can they slim down?

Jun.12 – FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem and F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali admit that Formula 1 cars are too heavy. The minimum..

12 Jun 2023

F1 champion Verstappen says he lost 10kg in winter break

Feb.28 – Max Verstappen put on, and then lost again, an astonishing 10 kilograms over the winter break. Observers at the Bahrain test..

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28 Feb 2023

F1 Teams Swap Colors for Carbon Black in 2023 Season

Feb.17 – The livery trend for Formula 1’s 2023 season is obvious – and it’s carbon black. Alpine has now completed..

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17 Feb 2023

Current F1 cars remain on a heavy side despite drivers’ complaints

Jan.30 – A push to slightly reduce the weight of Formula 1 cars this year has been scrapped. Drivers, team officials and fans have..

30 Jan 2023

Red Bull boss wants Verstappen to lose gained weight

Dec.6 – Red Bull’s team boss says back-to-back world champion Max Verstappen has a few kilos to shed over the winter break. The..

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6 Dec 2022

No special lightweight car for Red Bull Racing this year

Sep.14 – Red Bull will not be introducing a special lightweight chassis ahead of the final six grands prix of 2022. The team’s..

14 Sep 2022

Ferrari F1 team boss concerned about new lighter RB18 chassis

Aug.29 – Mattia Binotto has expressed concerns about rumours at Spa-Francorchamps that Red Bull is intending to shortly debut a..

29 Aug 2022

Red Bull does new crash test with lighter RB18 monocoque

Aug.22 – Red Bull will need to take a lighter 2022 car through renewed FIA crash testing, it has emerged. The energy drink owned team..

22 Aug 2022

Alonso claims high weight of F1 cars is cause of frightening crashes

Jun.2 – The full impact of the ever heavier Formula 1 cars was laid bare with Mick Schumacher’s frightening crash at Monaco...

2 Jun 2022

Newey says F1 cars heading in ‘wrong direction’ now

May 20 – Formula 1 has headed in the “wrong direction” with the basic philosophy of the technical rules going forward...

20 May 2022

Marko allays fear about Red Bull team’s spending

May 12 – Dr Helmut Marko insists Ferrari has nothing to worry about in terms of Red Bull breaching this year’s budget cap...

12 May 2022

F1 CEO admits he wants to lower car weight

May 6 – Stefano Domenicali admits he would like to drive down the ever-increasing weight of Formula 1 cars. After the recent F1..

6 May 2022

The F1 weight-watchers with Scarbs by Peter Windsor

After decades of designing cars below the minimum weight limit with added ballast, today’s F1 engineers are suddenly facing a new..

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21 Apr 2022

Aston Martin team now has heaviest F1 car

Apr.14 – Aston Martin has the heaviest car on Formula 1’s 2022 grid – but Red Bull isn’t far behind. But while Red..

14 Apr 2022

Red Bull team set to race much lighter car already?

Apr.7 – Red Bull’s already-competitive 2022 car has been on a serious weight-loss diet, according to Dutch insider and racing..

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7 Apr 2022

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