May 17 - Williams boss James Vowles admits the team needs to work hard to slim down the team's 2024 car.

Just this week, the Grove based team re-signed Alex Albon into the new regulations era beginning in 2026, with the British-born Thai driver revealing at Imola that he had other options.

But Vowles managed to convince Albon that the efforts to fully modernise Williams will ultimately pay off - even though 2024 so far has been particularly challenging.

The 2024 car was not only late, as was the production of a spare monocoque, but Vowles also now admits that it is still well above the minimum weight.

Part of the reason for Alpine's abysmal start to 2024 was that it was carrying a reported 10 or more extra kilos above the weight limit. The team has since made clear strides by shedding that extra weight.

Vowles says Williams' Imola upgrade is the start of the team's own weight-loss program.

"Since 2019, every Williams car has been over the weight limit," he is quoted by Auto Motor und Sport. "I had to make sure that changed.

"I'll give you an example - our current car is 14 kilograms lighter than the 2023 model, and yet we are still too heavy. All the other teams are at the weight limit.

"We lose four and a half tenths per lap just because our car is too heavy," Vowles explained. "Of course that frustrates Alex.

"But once we've got rid of that problem, he can show his true potential."

The Imola upgrade is just the start, he continued: "It will take six races until we've slimmed down the car. And even then we're not quite at the weight limit."

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2 F1 Fan comments on “F1 Weight Watch: Williams' Vowles on Mission to Trim Car Fat

    • shroppyfly

      at least now Logan has his excuses ready when hes fired, do not all bad, on the other hand 14kg using the Merc computers, because they arent that good at designing cars, should add at least 4 tenths to a laptime, so using Merc logic "They havnt a clue"


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