Aug.29 - Mattia Binotto has expressed concerns about rumours at Spa-Francorchamps that Red Bull is intending to shortly debut a significantly lighter chassis.

Reports suggest that after racing a car that weighs notably more than championship rival Ferrari's so far in 2022, the forthcoming lighter car has been modified to such a degree that it requires new FIA crash testing.

"We are getting a new chassis in the future," runaway championship leader Max Verstappen said in Belgium. "I don't know how much lighter it will be, but if it works it will help us."

Binotto denies Ferrari F1 team needs personnel shakeup now

Mattia Binotto

Ferrari boss Binotto, however, is openly wondering how Red Bull can afford to make such a major mid-season car upgrade under the terms of the budget cap.

"We could never afford to develop a lightweight chassis - or any other chassis - during the season because the budget doesn't allow it," said the Italian.

"I would be very surprised if that were possible for other teams. You have to ask yourself whether the monitoring is sufficient. Unfortunately, very few people keep an eye on it at the FIA.

"That needs to improve for the future. It would be really bad if the championship were decided by the financial rules," Binotto insisted.

Some in the paddock, however, think Ferrari's energy would be better directed at trying to improve their own 2022 car and eliminating repeat strategic errors.

Former Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso pointed out after Sunday's Belgian GP that the Maranello based team seems to be making too many mistakes with "strange strategies" this year.

But former F1 driver Timo Glock thinks the odd strategic error is currently the least of Ferrari's problems "when the points deficit is 98 points".

Charles Leclerc, admitting that the gap makes his championship aspirations "very difficult", shied away from pointing the finger at Ferrari's strategies.

"We just haven't been fast enough this weekend and that's the big problem more than anything," he said.

"It's starting to look very difficult, especially with the pace that Red Bull has shown this weekend. But I will keep my head down, try to concentrate race by race and try to do my best."

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2 F1 Fan comments on “Ferrari F1 team boss concerned about new lighter RB18 chassis

  1. smokey

    Ferrari are doing their best to not allow their drivers to win the WDC this year! If their equipment doesn't fail, then they make up for it with their strategy failures!
    FA is correct, too many mistakes with strange strategies this year. They need a new broom!

  2. shroppyfly

    There was a time when the Fiat logo was on the nose of all the red cars, for anyone that speaks German, check out what the public said FIAT actually stood for, Smoke and Mirrors from the Doc, new chassis , really or is that just more spin from the Doc to weaken the will any further of the competitors, would only make sense if they were developing that chassis for 23 season, Smokey No, No Smokey that's not right... keep Binotto and his cry baby Charlie, much more amusing if they are there lol


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