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Wrong to only blame Elliott for ‘bad’ Mercedes F1 cars

Nov.3 – Mercedes’ race drivers say it’s wrong to scapegoat newly-departing Mike Elliot for the team’s ‘no..

3 Nov 2023

Newey’s concern: Will 2026 power unit changes backfire on F1?

Jun.14 – There is a “big risk” Formula 1 will enter another period of one team dominating all the others once the big..

14 Jun 2023

Hamilton’s hopes for Monaco: Can the upgrade close the gap?

May 26 – The emergence of sidepods on Mercedes‘ heavily updated 2023 car at Monaco won’t be a “magic trick”..

26 May 2023

Aston Martin’s rise to success: Red Bull influence or independent progress?

May 23 – Team engineering boss Luca Furbatto insists Aston Martin’s 2023 car is not a “copy” of the dominant Red..

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23 May 2023

How do F1 Teams design, produce & race a car upgrade?

Upgrading an F1 car is no easy task. It’s a real team effort across many departments, over the course of many weeks to deliver an update..

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19 May 2023

The unattainable genius: Newey snubs Ferrari’s tempting F1 offers

May 17 – The son of Ferrari’s infamous founder Enzo Ferrari has admitted Adrian Newey turned down multiple offers to move to..

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17 May 2023

Innovation or imitation? Ferrari and Mercedes hold steady against Red Bull

May 15 – Dan Fallows says he’s not surprised that Mercedes and Ferrari are sticking with the ‘concept’ of their..

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15 May 2023

Alonso acknowledges inconsistency at Ferrari and praises past F1 performance without Newey

May 10 – Fernando Alonso says the biggest difference between the Ferrari he drove for and the Maranello based team of today is..

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10 May 2023

Ferrari boss claims there’s “room for improvement” in 2023 car concept

Apr.11 – Frederic Vasseur has defended Ferrari’s 2023 car, playing down reports the Maranello based team needs to scrap the..

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11 Apr 2023

Russell impressed with new Mercedes in Australia despite Hamilton’s concerns

Apr.2 – While George Russell is happy with his Mercedes, seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton admits he has a fundamental problem..

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2 Apr 2023

Boss shuts down quitting rumors amid Mercedes’ flawed F1 car concept

Mar.27 – Toto Wolff says he’s not thinking of quitting just because Mercedes stuck with a flawed car concept for two..

27 Mar 2023

Ferrari and Mercedes reveal progress on 2023 cars ahead of schedule

Mar.21 – According to both Ferrari and Mercedes, big progress on the competitiveness of their respective 2023 cars is just around the..

21 Mar 2023

Mercedes team to copy Red Bull F1 car concept?

Mar.20 – Toto Wolff insists he is not embarrassed about being “transparent” as Mercedes vows to scrap its unique car..

20 Mar 2023

Alonso brushes off critics and focuses on impressive F1 season start

Mar.17 – Fernando Alonso has lashed back at suggestions Aston Martin is racing a ‘copy’ of Red Bull’s title-winning..

17 Mar 2023

Alonso’s girlfriend says Aston Martin deal is for two F1 seasons

Mar.13 – Fernando Alonso’s girlfriend has let a contract secret out of the bag. Last August, the now 41-year-old Spaniard..

13 Mar 2023

Mercedes in crisis: “We can throw our F1 car in the trash can” – Wolff

Mar.8 – Toto Wolff has already written off Mercedes’ chances of winning the 2023 world championship. Fellow Austrian Dr Helmut..

8 Mar 2023

Will Ferrari’s strong one-lap pace close the gap to the top?

Mar.7 – Ferrari is sticking with its car concept despite a thorough beating at Red Bull’s hands in Bahrain. However, both the..

7 Mar 2023

Marko tips Mercedes F1 team to change direction ‘soon’

Mar.5 – Mercedes is at risk of falling out of Formula 1’s top three teams, Dr Helmut Marko has warned. “(Fernando) Alonso..

5 Mar 2023

Mercedes finally admits potential failure of ‘no sidepods’ F1 car concept?

Mar.4 – Mercedes may finally be on the cusp of admitting its ‘no sidepods’ concept for the new-in-2022 ground effect..

4 Mar 2023

Revving Up for Glory: Compare the Red Bull RB19 with the RB18

The Red Bull Racing team has been a force to be reckoned with in the world of Formula One racing for many years. The team has consistently..

24 Feb 2023

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