The Red Bull Racing team has been a force to be reckoned with in the world of Formula One racing for many years. The team has consistently produced some of the fastest and most competitive cars in the sport since they started their journey in 2005. and they are always pushing the limits of technology and engineering to gain a competitive edge.

With the 2023 season fast approaching, the Red Bull Racing team has unveiled their latest creation, the RB19. Now the car is being tested and is photographed out in the 'wild' we thought it would be nice to compare it with the RB18. This new car surely will be even faster and more competitive than its predecessor, which was used during the last 2022 season.

We didn't think Red Bull launched the 'real' RB19 in New York earlier this month, so we we decided to wait until we could  compare two photos from testing. The cars in the comparison picture are the configurations used during testing in Bahrain 2022 and 2023.

Revving Up for Glory: Compare the Red Bull RB19 with the RB18

Compare the Red Bull RB19 with last year's RB18

We noticed the following visual changes:

  1. The upper wing of the rear wing appears to be more concave, creating increased downforce
  2. The vertical pieces have been elongated to reduce drag.
  3. The car's floor has undergone a complete overhaul
  4. The engine cover redesigned to include two channels for increased air flow into the diffuser
  5.  The side pods have been reshaped and the curvature has been slightly reduced.
  6.  the cooling outlets have been moved further towards the rear.
  7. The mirrors have been enlarged (changed regulation)
  8. The airbox intake have been changed.
  9. The tips of the front wing are now more rounded,
  10. Sergio Pérez seems to be sitting a bit higher to have better visibility.

All of these changes are aimed at making the RB19 a more competitive and effective racing machine than the RB18. Red Bull Racing is hoping that these changes will help them to secure even more race wins and defend the titles for the championship in the 2023 season.

Of course, it remains to be seen how the RB19 will perform on the track. The other teams in Formula One will undoubtedly have their own upgrades and improvements, and it will take time to see how the various cars stack up against one another.

Despite this uncertainty, one thing is clear: the Red Bull Racing team is once again pushing the limits of technology and engineering in pursuit of racing glory. With the RB19, they have created a car that is faster, more reliable, and more competitive than ever before. It promises to be an exciting season for fans of Formula One racing, and we can't wait to see what happens Sunday March 5, when the start lights go out in Bahrain.

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4 F1 Fan comments on “Revving Up for Glory: Compare the Red Bull RB19 with the RB18

    • Nobodysperfect

      Looks like Red Bull is even further ahead now of the competition than last year?

      I'm afraid it could be a very boring season. Mercedes W14 isn't planted yet, but seems to have solved the bounching problem.
      Ferrari seems to be fast, but is bounching a lot!


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