Mar.27 - Toto Wolff says he's not thinking of quitting just because Mercedes stuck with a flawed car concept for two consecutive seasons.

The 51-year-old has flirted with stepping down as team boss in the past, but he says the support from his own bosses at Mercedes is still strong.

"We've been through all the ups and downs and there's not a millimetre of doubt," Wolff told Speed Week.

"There's so much support from them to get us back on track. We couldn't ask for better support," the Austrian added.

So while other teams have made big personnel changes recently to address performance issues, Wolff insists he is actually enjoying the challenge of a fightback.

"I really enjoy being the team leader of this team," he said. "I think I can make my contribution.

"But if one day I come to that conclusion - or if people close to me tell me I'm not contributing - then I'll consider passing the baton to someone else. I wouldn't be ashamed of that," Wolff added.

"Then I would criticise from the sidelines, from a TV screen, and know better than everyone else. But until then I think I'll keep enjoying it."

However, Wolff has received criticism for essentially writing off the championship so early in the season.

But he says he's just being realistic.

"We've only completed two races this year," he told Sky Deutschland. "But is it realistic that we'll soon be attacking right at the front when we look at the gaps now?

"No, it's not."

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3 F1 Fan comments on “Boss shuts down quitting rumors amid Mercedes' flawed F1 car concept

  1. shroppyfly

    The trouble is the story hes told all the sponsors is , we are the best , we've the best engine, the best aero, the best staff, the best drivers, and the woooed sponsors say , ok Mr W. heres my Millions.
    As for support from the Big bosses, lololol how many times do we hear that in football, in politics and then oooops they are toast...!!!

  2. Nobodysperfect

    He should have stopped on a high! But like most people, they have to keep going, because they never can get enough of success, money, attention, fame, etc, etc.


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