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Team Boss Press Conference 2024 Miami F1 Grand Prix

TEAM REPRESENTATIVES: Laurent Mekies (RB), Mike Krack (Aston Martin), James Vowles (Williams), Zak Brown (McLaren) Q: I’d like to..

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4 May 2024

Komatsu Refutes Claims of Haas Team’s Early ‘Bulls**t’ Strategy

Apr.6 – Ayao Komatsu has hit back at claims that his expectation that the Haas team could remain dead last in 2024 was always..

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6 Apr 2024

Horner Now Aims for Red Bull Parent Company’s Helm

Mar.21 – Christian Horner has set his sights on becoming the CEO of the energy drink company CEO. As Horner’s personal scandal..

21 Mar 2024

Team Boss Press Conference 2024 Saudi Arabian F1 GP

Team Representatives: Bruno Famin (Alpine), Mike Krack (Aston Martin), James Vowles (Williams), Christian Horner (Red Bull Racing)..

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8 Mar 2024

Red Bull’s Mekies Fires Back at Zak Brown’s Criticism

Feb.28 – Laurent Mekies, the new boss of Red Bull’s rebranded second Formula 1 team, has hit back hard at suggestions the two..

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28 Feb 2024

Marko Urges Swift Resolution Amidst Red Bull’s Internal Struggle

Feb.21 – Dr Helmut Marko says he is hoping for a swift resolution to Red Bull’s current management crisis surrounding embattled..

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21 Feb 2024

Haas’ Komatsu in the Hot Seat: Can He Engineer a Comeback?

Jan.22 – Ayao Komatsu will find it “difficult” to turn the dire competitive situation at Haas around. That is the view of..

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22 Jan 2024

Wolff’s Mercedes Reign Keeps Racing On: New Contract Seals the Deal!

Jan.16 – Toto Wolff will remain in charge of the Mercedes team he co-owns until at least the end of 2026. Bild newspaper, the..

16 Jan 2024

Komatsu Shifts Gears: Haas F1 Team’s Ten-Year Steiner Era Ends

Jan.10 – MoneyGram Haas F1 Team has unveiled a major shift in its leadership, announcing the promotion of Ayao Komatsu to the role of..

10 Jan 2024

Mike on, Mike on… | Episode Two

Before signing off from 2023, Mike brings the festive cheer as he reacts to I / AM members’ replies to his exclusive ‘Mike..

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22 Dec 2023

McLaren Team Boss Snubs Hamilton and Names His Top 3 F1 Drivers

Dec.13 – Andrea Stella, the team boss at McLaren, has left a conspicuous name off his very short list of the very best drivers in..

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13 Dec 2023

Team Boss Wolff Again Under Fire for Alleged F1 Conflict of Interest

Dec.4 – Unnamed rival team bosses are aiming fire at a new alleged conflict of interest for Mercedes team boss and co-owner Toto..

4 Dec 2023

Team Boss Press Conference 2023 Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix

PART ONE – TEAM REPRESENTATIVES  Andrea Stella (McLaren), Christian HORNER (Red Bull Racing), Mike KRACK (Aston Martin) Q: Mike,..

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25 Nov 2023

Wolff Reveals He Will Sit Out More F1 Races

Nov.16 – Toto Wolff admits he will be absent from even more grands prix in the future. Amid Mercedes’ struggle to match up to..

16 Nov 2023

Ferrari’s F1 Future Brightens with Vasseur at the Helm?

Nov.15 – Ferrari may still be struggling to return to the very top in Formula 1, but Frederic Vasseur is at least the right team boss..

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15 Nov 2023

Team Boss Press Conference 2023 Mexico F1 Grand Prix

PART 1 – TEAM REPRESENTATIVES Dave Robson (Williams), Xevi Pujolar (Alfa Romeo), Ayao Komatsu (Haas) Q: Xevi can we start with you..

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28 Oct 2023

Wolff’s Absence: Catalyst for F1 Drama or Just Coincidence?

Oct.21 – Toto Wolff is back in the Formula 1 paddock to restore order to his Mercedes team. “All good,” he said ahead of..

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21 Oct 2023

Alpine’s Bruno Famin Calm Amidst Turmoil: No Rush for New Team Principal

Sep.28 – Alpine’s interim boss Bruno Famin insists he is under no pressure to find his full-time replacement. Just ahead of the..

28 Sep 2023

Team Boss Press Conference 2023 Singapore F1 GP

TEAM REPRESENTATIVES: Zak Brown (McLaren), Guenther Steiner (Haas), Toto Wolff (Mercedes), Alessandro Alunni Brave (Alfa Romeo) Q:..

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16 Sep 2023

Team Boss Press Conference 2023 Dutch F1 Grand Prix

PART ONE – TEAM REPRESENTATIVES Franz TOST (AlphaTauri), Guenther STEINER (Haas), James VOWLES (Williams) Q: Guenther, how was the..

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25 Aug 2023

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