2012 F1 Season

Brawn: 2021 rules ‘a starting point’

Nov.11 – Ross Brawn suggests he doesn’t mind if the F1 teams see the newly-published regulations for 2021 as a draft. With the..

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11 Nov 2019

Raikkonen drank 16 days in a row

Aug.25 – Kimi Raikkonen has admitted going on a 16 day drinking bender during his F1 career. The Finn’s former party lifestyle..

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25 Aug 2018

Why Lauda prayed for McLaren breakdown in 2012

Niki Lauda has recalled how one “important piece” of Mercedes’ utter dominance this year was actually put in place in..

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3 Dec 2014

Toro Rosso better than Sauber F1 team in some areas

James Key, Toro Rosso’s new technical boss, says the Faenza based team is “superior” to Sauber in some ways. Briton Key..

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28 Jan 2013

Hulkenberg: F1 2012’s top three drivers deserve equal praise

It is difficult to say which top-three driver did the best job in 2012. That is the view of Nico Hulkenberg, who said this year’s top..

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28 Dec 2012

News agencies vote Vettel top Euro athlete

Sebastian Vettel has been named the top European athlete of 2012. F1’s new reigning triple world champion received the title after 26..

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28 Dec 2012

Ferrari says Red Bull give ‘best parts’ to Vettel

Red Bull also has a clear number 1 driver, Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenicali has alleged. The fabled Italian team is open about its..

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28 Dec 2012

Adrian Newey: Red Bull was worried about 2012 F1 season

Adrian Newey has admitted he began the 2012 season feeling “worried” about the likely performance of his latest Red Bull...

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12 Dec 2012

Analysis: McLaren had fastest car of 2012 F1 season

McLaren fielded the consistently fastest car in 2012, an analysis has shown. According to the German language Speed Week, although Red Bull..

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6 Dec 2012

2012 F1 season statistics & numbers

Time to rap up the finished F1 season with some 2012 F1 season statistics. This 2012 F1 season was the longest F1 season ever and had 20..

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5 Dec 2012

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