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Time to rap up the finished F1 season with some 2012 F1 season statistics. This 2012 F1 season was the longest F1 season ever and had 20 Formula 1 Grand Prix events.

Some Grand Prix events where very action packed and exciting. Some where kind of predictable and dull. The best was saved for the final F1 race and made the season a great success in terms excitement and adrenaline pumping moments we can show in our 2012 F1 season statistics.

During the 20 F1 races a lot of things happened that generated numbers. We summarized some of those numbers into this 2012 F1 season statistics article.


2012 F1 Tyre statistics

Total number of F1 race tyres used:31.800
dry tyres used71%
wet tyres used29%
Total number of dry F1 race tyres:22.500
supersoft tyres used6%
soft tyres used25%
medium tyres used21%
hard tyres used17%
Total number of wet F1 race tyres:9.300
intermediate tyres used18%
wet tyres used11%
Total number of tyres for testing:6.600
Average life span of a dry compound:180 km
Average life span of a wet compound:140 km
Most laps hard tyre compund:Kamui Kobayashi 798 laps
Most laps medium tyre compund:Bruno Senna 869 laps
Most laps supersoft tyre compund:Kimi Raikkonen 237 laps
Most laps soft tyre compund:Daniel Ricciardo 1.012 laps
Most laps intermediate tyre compund:Fernando Alonso 145 laps
Most laps wet tyre compund:Kamui Kobayashi 104 laps

2012 Tracks, Races and Tests Statistics

Longest continuous G-force:India (turn 10-11)
Longest race of the year:Malaysia in 2hrs 44min 51.812s
Shortest race of the year:Great Britain in 1 hr 25min 11.288s
Highest top speed346.0 km/h, Kimi Raikkonen, Italy F1 GP Race
Highest average speed/fastest lap:248.241 km/h Lewis Hamilton Italy Qualifying
Slowest average speed/fastest lap:161.828 km/h Schumacher Monaco  Qualifying
Most fastest laps in 2012:Sebastian Vettel, 5 in race and 6 in qualifying

2012 F1 Pitstops statistics

Total number of pit stops:957 (14 Drive Through + 2 Stop & Go penalties)
Total average number of stops per race:47.9 pitstops
Average no. of stops driver per race:1.9 pitstops
Most pit stops in a race:76 - Malaysian F1 Grand Prix
Least pit stops in a race:24 - United States F1 Grand Prix
Fastest pit stop time:2.31 sec McLaren, Jenson Buttons German GP

2012 F1 Overtaking Statistics

Number of overtaking manoeuvres:1.139
Most overtaking manoeuvres dry race:90 - 2012 Chinese F1 Grand Prix
Most overtaking manoeuvres wet race (= most ever):147 - 2012 Brazilian F1 Grand Prix
Least overtaking manouevres dry race:12 - Monaco F1 Grand Prix

2012 F1 temperature Numbers

Coldest track/ground event:United States Grand Prix 11°C (17.11.2012)
Coldest overall track/ground test:0°C Jerez winter testing (10.02.2012)
Hottest track/ground temperatures:55°C Brazilian Grand Prix at (23.11.2012)
Coldest air/ambient event:4°C United States Grand Prix (17.11.2012)
Coldest overall air/ambient test:-2°C Jerez winter testing (10.02.2012)
Hottest air/ambient temperatures:37°C Grand Prix of Europe (21.06.2012)


More 2012 F1 season statitscs & numbers can be found in our F1 Results Archive

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