Last year, Daniel Ricciardo left Red Bull Racing - after 150 races with the energy drinks brand’s backing, 100 at its top squad. And it had been a successful run - not just in making it to F1, but in being competitive at the top level - with seven wins - two alone in 2018 from the first six races, China an overtaking masterclass - and Monaco, where he nursed home a broken car for 50 laps, for the Principality win he should have had in 2016, if not for a pit stop debacle.

This year he started with the yellow black Renault works F1 team to try a different path to become Formula 1 world champion.

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One F1 fan comment on “Ricciardo's difficult 2019 start at Renault

  1. Jim Faggotter

    As a professional sports writer and a huge fan of F1, I think the cars should be handicapped with weights, then same as in horse racing. The top teams carrying more weight than the bottom teams, would mean the faster cars would have to go slower to conserve their fuel, thereby making the bottom teams more competitive. Mercedes usually leave the rest of the field a minute behind in their wake, except for Ferrari and Red Bull.


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