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Grand Prix nr:14
Last Date:29th of August 1982
Lap Distance:3.800 km
Total Laps:80
Distance:300.200 km
1982 Swiss Grand Prix Formula 1 Race Timetable
Friday August 27thpractice 1:
practice 2:
09:00 - 10:30
13:00 - 14:30
Saturday August 28thpractice 3:
10:00 - 11:00
12:00 - 18:00
Sunday August 29thF1 RACE:14:00 Local
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Swiss Grand Prix F1 Circuit
Dijon Prenois circuit layout
Weather Forecast at Prenois, France
clear sky
humidity: 68%
wind: 3m/s SE
H 20 • L 17
Weather from OpenWeatherMap


Driver Ranking


Driver Ranking Swiss F1 GP

DriverGP  1st  2nd  3rd  Pod  Pole  FL  Avg GridAvg PosPoints
1Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio52002321.06.619.5
2Italy Nino Farina51113112.46.219
3Italy Piero Taruffi21102014.01.515
4Finland Keke Rosberg11001008.01.09
5Italy Alberto Ascari31001014.78.09
6France Alain Prost10101111.02.06
7Italy Luigi Fagioli10101003.02.06
8Argentina José Froilán González20101107.011.06
9Switzerland Rudi Fischer20101007.56.56
10Germany Hans Herrmann10011007.03.04
11Austria Niki Lauda10011004.03.04
12United Kingdom Mike Hawthorn20011006.57.04
13France Jean Behra300110011.010.74
14France Louis Rosier400110013.013.04
15Italy Felice Bonetto30000007.38.03.5
16Argentina Roberto Mieres100000012.04.03
17Italy Consalvo Sanesi10000004.04.03
18Brazil Nelson Piquet10000006.04.03
19Thailand Prince Bira20000009.56.53
20United Kingdom Ken Wharton300000010.05.73
21Italy Riccardo Patrese10000003.05.02
22Germany Hermann Lang100000011.05.02
23United Kingdom Alan Brown100000015.05.02
24Italy Sergio Mantovani10000009.05.02
25Switzerland Toulo de Graffenried40000008.07.02
26Italy Elio de Angelis100000015.06.01
27United Kingdom Eric Brandon100000017.08.00
28Brazil Raul Boesel100000024.022.00
29United Kingdom Peter Whitehead10000009.015.00
30Italy Andrea de Cesaris10000005.010.00
31United Kingdom John Watson100000011.013.00
32France Robert Manzon10000003.014.00
33Brazil Chico Landi100000020.010.00
34Switzerland Toni Branca100000017.011.00
35United States Eddie Cheever100000016.017.00
36Italy Umberto Maglioli100000011.07.00
37Colombia Roberto Guerrero100000019.025.00
38Germany Toni Ulmen100000016.019.00
39Belgium Paul Frère100000016.018.00
40France Eugène Martin10000009.014.00
41France Jacques Laffite100000013.020.00
42Argentina Clemar Bucci100000010.016.00
43United Kingdom Nigel Mansell100000026.08.00
44France André Simon10000004.010.00
45Switzerland Marc Surer100000014.015.00
46United Kingdom Rupert Keegan100000022.023.00
47France Henri Louveau100000011.016.00
48United Kingdom Brian Henton100000018.011.00
49Chile Eliseo Salazar100000025.014.00
50United Kingdom Peter Collins10000006.016.00
51Argentina Onofre Marimón10000005.012.00
52Germany Manfred Winkelhock100000020.018.00
53Germany Karl Kling10000005.09.00
54France Patrick Tambay100000010.026.00
55Italy Nello Pagani100000015.07.00
56France Raymond Sommer100000013.015.00
57Italy Teo Fabi100000023.021.00
58France Guy Mairesse100000021.014.00
59Ireland Derek Daly10000007.09.00
60Switzerland Albert Scherrer100000018.09.00
61France René Arnoux10000002.016.00
62United Kingdom Derek Warwick100000021.024.00
63Italy Bruno Giacomelli10000009.012.00
64Germany Hans Von Stuck100000014.018.00
65France Jean-Pierre Jarier100000017.019.00
66United States Fred Wacker100000015.014.00
67Italy Michele Alboreto100000012.07.00
68Monaco Louis Chiron200000017.58.00
69Switzerland Max de Terra200000020.014.50
70Belgium Jacques Swaters200000014.513.50
71United Kingdom Lance Macklin200000013.514.50
72Belgium Johnny Claes200000016.011.50
73France Yves Giraud Cabantous200000011.018.00
74United Kingdom George Abecassis200000015.017.00
75France Maurice Trintignant20000004.011.50
76France Philippe Étancelin20000009.011.50
77Italy Luigi Villoresi30000004.313.70
78Switzerland Peter Hirt300000017.315.00
79United Kingdom Stirling Moss30000008.711.00
80United States Harry Schell400000016.510.80

Team Ranking


Team Ranking Swiss F1 GP

TeamGP  1st  2nd  3rd  Pod  Pole  FL  Avg GridAvg PosPoints
1Italy Ferrari62414228.310.646
2Switzerland Alfa Romeo32112223.65.633
3Germany Mercedes11011014.74.313
4United Kingdom Williams11001007.55.09
5France Renault10101111.59.06
6United Kingdom McLaren10011007.58.04
7France Talbot-Lago200110012.512.84
8France Gordini30011009.312.74
9Italy Maserati500001010.58.415
10United Kingdom Brabham10000004.54.55
11United Kingdom Frazer-Nash100000013.04.03
12United Kingdom Cooper-Climax200000013.76.72
13United Kingdom Team Lotus100000020.57.01
14United Kingdom Toleman100000022.022.50
15United Kingdom Arrows100000014.015.00
16United Kingdom Ensign100000019.025.00
17Italy Osella100000017.019.00
18Germany AFM100000014.018.00
19Germany ATS100000022.516.00
20United Kingdom March100000023.022.50
21France Ligier100000014.518.50
22France Simca100000016.015.00
23United Kingdom Tyrrell100000015.09.00
24Germany Veritas200000016.020.00
25United Kingdom HWM300000013.314.00

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