1966 F1 Championship Results

1966 F1 World Championship
RaceDateWinning DriverTeamLapsTime
Monaco Grand Prix resultMay 22United Kingdom Jackie Stewart
United Kingdom BRM10002:33:10.500
Belgian Grand Prix resultJune 12United Kingdom John Surtees
Italy Ferrari2802:09:11.300
French Grand Prix resultJuly 3Australia Jack Brabham
United Kingdom Brabham4801:48:31.300
British Grand Prix resultJuly 16Australia Jack Brabham
United Kingdom Brabham8002:13:13.400
Dutch Grand Prix resultJuly 24Australia Jack Brabham
United Kingdom Brabham9002:20:32.500
German Grand Prix resultAugust 7Australia Jack Brabham
United Kingdom Brabham1502:27:03.000
Italian Grand Prix resultSeptember 4Italy Ludovico Scarfiotti
Italy Ferrari6801:47:14.800
United States Grand Prix resultOctober 2United Kingdom Jim Clark
United Kingdom Lotus10802:09:40.110
Mexican Grand Prix resultOctober 23United Kingdom John Surtees
United Kingdom Cooper-Climax6502:06:35.340

1Australia Jack BrabhamRet41111RetRet242 (45)
2United Kingdom John SurteesRet1RetRetRet2Ret3128
3Austria Jochen RindtRet245Ret342Ret22 (24)
4New Zealand Denny HulmeRetRet32RetRet3Ret318
5United Kingdom Graham Hill3RetRet324RetRetRet17
6United Kingdom Jim ClarkRetRet 43RetRet1Ret16
7United Kingdom Jackie Stewart1Ret Ret45RetRetRet14
8United Kingdom Mike Parkes  2 RetRet2  12
9Italy Lorenzo Bandini23NC 66RetRet 12
10Italy Ludovico Scarfiotti     Ret1  9
11United States Richie GintherRet5    RetNC45
12United States Dan Gurney NC5RetRet7RetRet54
13United Kingdom Mike SpenceRetRetRetRet5Ret5Ret 4
14United States Bob Bondurant4Ret 9 Ret7DSQRet3
15Switzerland Jo SiffertRetRetRetNCRet Ret4Ret3
16New Zealand Bruce McLarenRetDNS 6   5Ret3
17United Kingdom Peter Arundell DNSRetRetRet88671
18Sweden Jo BonnierNCRetNCRet7RetRetNC61
19United Kingdom Bob AndersonRet 7NCRetRet6  1
20United Kingdom John Taylor  688Ret   1
21United Kingdom Chris Irwin   7     0
22United States Ronnie Bucknum       Ret80
23New Zealand Chris Amon  8   DNQ  0
24France Guy LigierNCNCNC109DNS   0
25Italy Giacomo "Geki" Russo      9  0
26United Kingdom Chris Lawrence   11 Ret   0
27United Kingdom Innes Ireland       RetRet0
28Mexico Pedro Rodríguez  Ret    RetRet0
29Italy Giancarlo Baghetti      NC  0
30United Kingdom Vic Wilson DNS       0
31Mexico Moisés Solana        Ret0
32United Kingdom Trevor Taylor   Ret     0
33United States Phil Hill      DNQ  0

1966 Formula 1 Constructors Championship Table

Australia Jack Brabham9410534031045
United Kingdom John Surtees9211423783028
Austria Jochen Rindt9021304320024
New Zealand Denny Hulme9013403361018
United Kingdom Graham Hill9012303650017
Sweden Jo Bonnier900000357001
United Kingdom Jim Clark8101224130016
United Kingdom Jackie Stewart8100103040014
United Kingdom Mike Spence800000297004
United States Dan Gurney800000201004
Switzerland Jo Siffert800000378003
Italy Lorenzo Bandini7011213332012
United States Bob Bondurant700000268003
United Kingdom Peter Arundell700000302001
United Kingdom Bob Anderson600000258001
United States Richie Ginther500000266105
France Guy Ligier500000300000
United Kingdom Mike Parkes4020211350012
New Zealand Bruce McLaren400000232003
United Kingdom John Taylor400000205001
Mexico Pedro Rodríguez300000102000
Italy Ludovico Scarfiotti21001077109
United Kingdom Innes Ireland200000124000
United Kingdom Chris Lawrence20000083000
United States Ronnie Bucknum200000118000
United Kingdom Chris Irwin10000078000
United Kingdom Trevor Taylor1000000000
Italy Giacomo "Geki" Russo10000063000
Mexico Moisés Solana1000009000
Italy Giancarlo Baghetti10000059000
New Zealand Chris Amon10000044000

1United Kingdom BrabhamRet411113Ret242 (49)
2Italy Ferrari212 661Ret 31 (32)
3United Kingdom Cooper-ClimaxRet2457242130 (35)
4United Kingdom BRM1RetRet3247RetRet22
5United Kingdom LotusRetRetRet43851718
6United States Eagle NC5RetRet7RetRet54
7Japan Honda      RetNC43
8United Kingdom McLarenRetDNS 6   5Ret3
9United Kingdom Shannon   Ret     0

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