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Promising juniors in short supply according F1 pundits

May 21 – There is a shortage of really promising talents coming up the ranks towards Formula 1. That is the view of Jack Plooij, the..

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21 May 2022

Hamilton gets rattled by Russell according F1 pundits

May 11 – Lewis Hamilton’s problems in 2022 extend further than just an uncompetitive car. According to Mathias Lauda, the son..

11 May 2022

F1 pundit very afraid for team dominance next season

Dec.20 – A popular Formula 1 commentator admits he is “very afraid” as the sport enters its all-new era in 2022. With the..

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20 Dec 2021

Dutch pundit’s dismiss Hamilton’s jubilant celebrations after race win

Jul.21 – A prominent Dutch Formula 1 pundit thinks Lewis Hamilton‘s jubilant post-British GP celebrations had a..

21 Jul 2021

Villeneuve: ‘No criticism’ of Stroll after Turkey pole

Nov.16 – Jacques Villeneuve has a rare compliment for his countryman Lance Stroll after the Turkish GP. Although Stroll finished..

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16 Nov 2020

Pundit: Tyres ‘have not kept pace’ with F1

Aug.5 – An F1 pundit claims that Pirelli “has not kept pace” in 2020 as Formula 1 speeds race ahead. After a spate of..

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5 Aug 2020

Danner: Hockenheim axe ‘disaster’ for Germany

Germany’s departure from the unprecedentedly-large F1 calendar for 2020 is a “disaster”. That is the view of former..

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8 Oct 2019

‘New Villeneuve’ Rosberg vows to ease driver criticism

Nico Rosberg has vowed to “change” the way he critiques Formula 1 drivers. At Monza, Max Verstappen dubbed the 2016 world..

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9 Sep 2019

Rosberg & Button to be TV pundits in 2019

Two former world champions will regularly be in the F1 paddock in 2019. Nico Rosberg has been signed up to attend 10 grands prix for the..

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20 Feb 2019

Rosberg considering regular pundit job

Oct.12 – Nico Rosberg is considering a more regular job in the F1 paddock. The newly retired reigning world champion attended a..

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12 Oct 2017

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