Apr.19 - More than six years after suddenly quitting Formula 1 at the age of 31, Nico Rosberg admits it was fear that drove his decision to retire.

The 2016 world champion admits in the latest German edition of Men's Health magazine that his entire "identity" raced away from him when he left F1.

Now 37, he subsequently became a TV pundit in Formula 1 but also an investor in sustainable mobility projects.

"As a world champion and driver I was at the top, but with these new projects you start at the bottom," said the German. "That is interesting and instructive."

After a highly intense battle, in which his relationship with former friend and then teammate Lewis Hamilton was shattered, Rosberg admits he decided to retire from F1 five days after the 2016 finale because he was "afraid".

"I was afraid that if I had continued, I would not be fast enough. And then at some point there would be no team left that would want me," he said.

"So I'd rather stop too early than too late. I wanted to be able to decide for myself."

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24 F1 Fan comments on “Rosberg reveals real reason for his sudden F1 retirement in 2016

  1. shroppyfly

    Correct decision , stop at the top, he doesn't look like the decision harmed him, a lovely wife, lovely kids and really enjoying life

  2. Jere Jyrälä

    Nothing new really, fear alongside the mental exhaustion from tense championship battles, so winning the championship was a perfect excuse for quitting.

        • shroppyfly

          And If the wifey says it's me or f1, or Golf or Football what's a man to do if he wants to stay happy and married, I am not saying its that simple or that's what happened but let's give him the benefit of doubt after all, hed another two years of Merc contract in his pocket, so we can rule out money grabber with win or lose for 2yrs

          • Nobodysperfect

            Well if she cannot support your passion and goals in life, she shouldn't have become your wife at all! There are plenty more other great women who will.

            Maybe he would have been 3x champ, he did it once, so why not twice or three times? But maybe he was an F1 driver because his father wanted him te be one. I don't know, but when it smells, looks and walks like a duck it probably is one.

          • Nobodysperfect

            Well, it's not a matter of being able to be happy. It's a matter of who is responsible. The only person you can hold responsible for your happiness is yourself. I see what others do for you is a bonus.

          • Blo

            Ah Nob if only that were true, the world would be a much happier place. I think the only path to true happiness is making other people happy.

  3. Blo

    Max will be next, he now has a lot to lose on and off the track. If Mercedes get the cars right and AM can find that little extra suddenly he will have two world champions and George and Checo to beat. If he loses, his two world championships will be shown up for what they really are and he risks losing the real love of his life to the pressures of F1 just as Lewis did and may be doing again.
    As Stroppy says a happy wife is definitely worth a LOT.

  4. Blo

    Both gifted, one by The Fia and the other by the brilliant Red Bull car ( built by a cheating team). Yes a very fast driver but at least six drivers could have won in that car, so in my opinion yet to prove he is the best.
    If he had let Louis take the flag in 21, in my opinion he would be one of the sporting greats. Instead of a stroppy entitled brat, in my opinion of course.

    • shroppyfly

      Lol whereas any driver on the grid even the williams drivers could have won in the Merc , trouble is with Lucy , she never knows which flag to fly The British flag, the American or South African, or is it more the Red flag she loves, Roll on Fia awards lol

  5. Susan

    Blaming the wife is speculation but an easy target. I’m going Rosberg’s explanation, has more validity. Not easy staying on top. All winners are just one season away from losing.

  6. CanadianEh

    One day, these three Jewish guys were planning a golf date for 7:30 the next morning. It was a pact graven in stone, as they'd had their fill of Outlet Malls and strolls on the beach.

    7:30 the next morning, the three are getting geared-up when Manny complains about having to promise his wife a mink stole for going golfing with the boys. Jacob lamented the new car. Solly said "It didn't cost me a dime." Jacob and Manny were aghast - "How did you manage that?!" they cried. "Easy", said Solly, "I looked at Rachel this morning and said: "So, dear, what's it going to be? Golf-course or intercourse?" "Here, take a sweater, it might be cold." Point being - it isn't always about the wife!

  7. CanadianEh

    I worked on an anchor-handling supply vessel for a number of years. The first season aboard it was a dream-boat. Great crew, excellent Captain and First Mate, Michelin chef for a cook!!

    The next year it was the opposite. Shitty Captain (small-man syndrome, he was all of 5' 3" tall). Shitty First Mate - he was from the West Coast, so what can you expect; the cook was from Newfoundland and thought a steak was a 4 oz slice of bologna; and the deck-hands were pissed off union types from both coasts and they hated each other. Purgatory. I transferred off to another ship.

    If Nico's relationship with The Dame had soured - and by all accounts it had become acrimonious - then yeah, why stay and be miserable.


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