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French Journalist Slams Alpine’s Famin Over Budget Shortfalls

Apr.21 – For about the third time in as many weeks, Bruno Famin has once again rejected persistent rumours that Alpine’s..

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21 Apr 2024

Top F1 Teams’ Staff Soars: 1,500+ Hired Despite Cap

Feb.27 – Formula 1 is moving to close loopholes in the budget cap rules – but only in time for 2026. It was expected that by..

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27 Feb 2024

Haas F1’s New Start: Can Komatsu Revive the Team’s Fortune?

Feb.5 – Gunther Steiner admits he was fired by Gene Haas because he wanted the billionaire team owner to spend more money on Formula..

5 Feb 2024

Red Bull’s Ace Designer Newey Takes Pit Stop from F1?

Jan.26 – Adrian Newey might be shuffled into a non-Formula 1 role at Red Bull Racing, according to Germany’s Auto Motor und..

26 Jan 2024

Red Bull’s Dominance Raises Concerns: F1 Aims for Thrilling 2024 Season

Dec.1 – F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali says he is confident Formula 1 will stage a more competitive battle for the world championship in..

1 Dec 2023

Ferrari Faces Financial Fallout from Las Vegas Track Debacle

Nov.20 – Frederic Vasseur is not ruling out seeking compensation for the manhole cover incident that ruined Thursday’s opening..

20 Nov 2023

AlphaTauri Challenges F1’s Budget Cap Relaxation: Is It a Risky Move?

Oct.8 – AlphaTauri has broken ranks with other bottom-four Formula 1 teams by questioning the $20 million relaxation in strict budget..

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8 Oct 2023

Cost Control Triumph: Formula 1’s Ten Teams Pass FIA’s Fiscal Test

Sep.6 – All ten teams have been shown the green light by Formula 1’s budget cap police. Recently, with Red Bull and Aston..

6 Sep 2023

F1 Budget Cap Struggle: Is a One-Year Disqualification on the Horizon?

Aug.22 – The next round of penalties for breaching Formula 1’s budget cap should be “much more drastic”. That is..

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22 Aug 2023

F1’s Budget Cap Battle Heats Up: Top Teams Face Spending Probe

Jul.30 – F1’s budget cap inspectors are even digging into Whatsapp text messages as up to three top teams risk being found..

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30 Jul 2023

Rumors Confirmed: Three F1 Teams on the Edge of Penalties!

Jul.28 – Two top rival teams acknowledge that complex loopholes in the budget cap rules need to be closed by Formula 1’s..

28 Jul 2023

Engines Roar, Caps Soar: F1 Braces for Game-Changing Discussions

Jul.24 – Budget caps and struggling engines will be on the agenda at the next meeting of the F1 Commission. Auto Motor und Sport..

24 Jul 2023

FIA Plays Down Latest F1 Budget Cap Breach Rumours

Jul.21 – F1’s governing body has played down rumours up to three teams may be set to be punished for breaching the..

21 Jul 2023

F1 CEO Calls for Stricter Penalties as Top Teams Walk Budget Cap Tightrope

Jul.19 – Three Formula 1 teams are reportedly at risk of breaching the sport’s budget cap rules. Last year, Red Bull and Aston..

19 Jul 2023

Ferrari’s 2024 F1 car in the works, but budget cap poses challenges

Jul.12 – Ferrari has already turned its attention to producing a new Formula 1 car for 2024. Carlos Sainz said at a sponsor event in..

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12 Jul 2023

Marko warns rivals: Red Bull’s F1 team under ‘Massive’ poaching pressure

Jun.29 – Dr Helmut Marko says his latest comments about Daniel Ricciardo and Sergio Perez were “taken out of context”...

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29 Jun 2023

Midfield F1 teams rally for budget cap overhaul to bridge infrastructure gap

Jun.23 – Midfield and lower-level Formula 1 teams are pushing for changes in the budget cap system to enable them to catch up in..

23 Jun 2023

Budget cap controversy: FIA scrutinizes top teams’ non-F1 activities

Jun.23 – Mercedes claims it may be just a single upgrade package away from victory in 2023. Former Formula 1 driver Ralf Schumacher..


Money or rules? Alpine boss uncovers obstacles hindering F1 progress

May 16 – Otmar Szafnauer says Renault-owned Alpine is pushing hard to up its game in Formula 1. Recently, Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi..

16 May 2023

Horner refuses to name names in Red Bull F1 sponsor saga

Apr.25 – Christian Horner has played down suggestions Red Bull’s rivals tried to “steal” Formula 1 sponsors over..

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25 Apr 2023

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