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Pedro Rodríguez information & statistics

NamePedro Rodríguez
CountryMexico Mexico
Place of BirthMexico City
Date of BirthJan 18th 1940
Date of DeathJul 11th 1971 - 31 years old
First RaceOct 6th 1963 United States Grand Prix result
Last RaceJul 4th 1971 French Grand Prix result
Best Qualifying2nd - (3 times)
First WinJan 2nd 1967 South African Grand Prix result
Last WinJun 7th 1970 Belgian Grand Prix result
First PodiumJan 2nd 1967 South African Grand Prix result
Last PodiumJun 20th 1971 Dutch Grand Prix result

Pedro Rodriguez F1 statistics:

Drivers' Titles0
Fastest Laps1

Championship Results

Pedro Rodriguez F1 Championship Results

YearTeamEngineRaces1st2nd3rdPodiumsPolesLapsFastestAvg PtsPoints
1971 United Kingdom BRM BRM50101028101.809
1970 United Kingdom BRM BRM131102066701.7723
1969 United Kingdom BRM
Italy Ferrari
1968 United Kingdom BRM BRM120123054011.5018
1967 United Kingdom Cooper-Climax Maserati81001047101.8815
1966 United Kingdom Lotus
United Kingdom Lotus
1965 Italy Ferrari Ferrari20000017101.002
1964 Italy Ferrari Ferrari1000006401.001
1963 United Kingdom Lotus Climax2000006200.000

Race Results

Pedro Rodriguez F1 GP Race Results

5319711971 French Grand Prix result15BRMBRM5RetIgnition0
5219711971 Dutch Grand Prix result8BRMBRM226
5119711971 Monaco Grand Prix result15BRMBRM590
5019711971 Spanish Grand Prix result14BRMBRM543
4919711971 South African Grand Prix result16BRMBRM10RetOverheating0
4819701970 Mexican Grand Prix result19BRMBRM761
4719701970 United States Grand Prix result19BRMBRM426
4619701970 Canadian Grand Prix result14BRMBRM743
4519701970 Italian Grand Prix result10BRMBRM2RetEngine0
4419701970 Austrian Grand Prix result17BRMBRM2243
4319701970 German Grand Prix result6BRMBRM8RetIgnition0
4219701970 British Grand Prix result22BRMBRM15RetAccident0
4119701970 French Grand Prix result3BRMBRM10RetGearbox0
4019701970 Dutch Grand Prix result1BRMBRM7100
3919701970 Belgian Grand Prix result1BRMBRM619
3819701970 Monaco Grand Prix result17BRMBRM1561
3719701970 Spanish Grand Prix result10BRMBRM5WDWithdrew0
3619701970 South African Grand Prix result20BRMBRM1690
3519691969 Mexican Grand Prix result12FerrariFerrari1570
3419691969 United States Grand Prix result12FerrariFerrari1252
3319691969 Italian Grand Prix result10FerrariFerrari1261
3219691969 British Grand Prix result12FerrariFerrari8RetEngine0
3119691969 Monaco Grand Prix result10BRMBRM14RetEngine0
3019691969 Spanish Grand Prix result9BRMBRM14RetEngine0
2919691969 South African Grand Prix result12BRMBRM15RetWater Leak0
2819681968 Mexican Grand Prix result8BRMBRM1243
2719681968 United States Grand Prix result8BRMBRM11RetSuspension0
2619681968 Canadian Grand Prix result16BRMBRM1234
2519681968 Italian Grand Prix result26BRMBRM15RetEngine0
2419681968 German Grand Prix result10BRMBRM1461
2319681968 British Grand Prix result10BRMBRM13RetEngine0
2219681968 French Grand Prix result20BRMBRM10NCNot Classified0
2119681968 Dutch Grand Prix result15BRMBRM1134
2019681968 Belgian Grand Prix result11BRMBRM826
1919681968 Monaco Grand Prix result4BRMBRM9RetAccident0
1819681968 Spanish Grand Prix result9BRMBRM2RetAccident0
1719681968 South African Grand Prix result11BRMBRM10RetFuel system0
1619671967 Mexican Grand Prix result21Cooper-ClimaxMaserati1361
1519671967 German Grand Prix result6Cooper-ClimaxMaserati10110
1419671967 British Grand Prix result11Cooper-ClimaxMaserati952
1319671967 French Grand Prix result14Cooper-ClimaxMaserati1361
1219671967 Belgian Grand Prix result30Cooper-ClimaxMaserati139Engine0
1119671967 Dutch Grand Prix result14Cooper-ClimaxMaserati5RetGearbox0
1019671967 Monaco Grand Prix result11Cooper-ClimaxMaserati1652
919671967 South African Grand Prix result4Cooper-ClimaxMaserati419
819661966 Mexican Grand Prix result11LotusBRM8RetDifferential0
719661966 United States Grand Prix result11LotusBRM10RetRetirement0
619661966 French Grand Prix result2LotusClimax13RetOil Leak0
519651965 Mexican Grand Prix result14FerrariFerrari1470
419651965 United States Grand Prix result14FerrariFerrari1552
319641964 Mexican Grand Prix result18FerrariFerrari961
219631963 Mexican Grand Prix result10LotusClimax20RetSuspension0
119631963 United States Grand Prix result10LotusClimax13RetEngine0

Pole Positions

Pedro Rodriguez F1 Pole Positions


Teammate Comparison

Pedro Rodriguez Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1963LotusChris Amon15200000001001
Hap Sharp1570000001111
Innes Ireland15230000002020
Jim Clark15101301010202
Jim Hall1580000000211
Jo Siffert1590000000211
Rodger Ward16140000000110
Thomas Monarch15250000001010
Trevor Taylor15170000002002
Walt Hansgen15220000002020
1964FerrariJohn Surtees621600000101
Lorenzo Bandini631400000101
1965FerrariBob Bondurant592000001001
Lorenzo Bandini542300001102
Ludovico Scarfiotti7190000001010
1966LotusJim Clark910901001102
Mike Spence1090000001111
Peter Arundell960100001230
1967Cooper-ClimaxAlan Rees592000001010
Guy Ligier671000002020
Jo Bonnier1612210004131
Jo Siffert1415310005353
Jochen Rindt1414310005216
John Love129610001010
Silvio Moser5152000001010
1968BRMBobby Unser13170000001010
Frank Gardner14210000001010
Mike Spence17200000001010
Piers Courage2418400006592
Richard Attwood2211600004251
1969BRMJackie Oliver770000002103
John Surtees750200001212
FerrariChris Amon11120000001001
1970BRMGeorge Eaton210130000082100
Jackie Oliver15232100012185
Peter Westbury2256000001010
1971BRMHowden Ganley279000003250
Jo Siffert249400004141

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