Caesars Palace Street Circuit layout & records

Caesars Palace Circuit Details

Location:Caesars Palace Circuit info and records Las Vegas, United States
Event:Caesars Palace Grand Prix
Type:Street Circuit
 Lap Dist.:3.650 km

Caesars Palace Circuit Lap Record

Lap Record:1:19.639 min
Date:25 September 1982
F1 Driver:Michele Alboreto
F1 Car:Tyrrell 011 Ford
Speed:164.995 km/h

Onboard Lap F1 Video

Ayrton Senna, McLaren MP4-8 Ford 1993 Italian Grand Prix, Monza circuitCaesars Palace Circuit

Caesars Palace Street Circuit Layout

Caesar Palace F1 circuit Layout




F1 Podium Winners on Caesars Palace Circuit

19821982 Caesars Palace F1 GPSeptember 251th Italy Michele Alboreto
2th United Kingdom John Watson
3th United States Eddie Cheever
United Kingdom Tyrrell
United Kingdom McLaren
France Ligier
19811981 Caesars Palace F1 GPOctober 171th Australia Alan Jones
2th France Alain Prost
3th Italy Bruno Giacomelli
United Kingdom Williams
France Renault
Switzerland Alfa Romeo

Driver Ranking


Driver Ranking Caesars Palace Circuit

DriverGP  1st  2nd  3rd  Pod  Pole  FL  Avg GridAvg PosPoints
1Australia Alan Jones11001002.01.09
2Italy Michele Alboreto210010110.07.09
3France Alain Prost20101103.03.09
4United Kingdom John Watson20101007.54.56
5United States Eddie Cheever200110011.511.54
6Italy Bruno Giacomelli200110012.06.54
7United Kingdom Nigel Mansell200000015.013.53
8Finland Keke Rosberg200000013.07.52
9Brazil Nelson Piquet20000008.012.52
10Ireland Derek Daly100000014.06.01
11France Jacques Laffite200000011.515.01
12Brazil Raul Boesel100000024.013.00
13Canada Gilles Villeneuve10000003.017.00
14United Kingdom Brian Henton100000019.08.00
15Ireland Tommy Byrne100000026.016.00
16France Jean-Pierre Jarier100000021.024.00
17Italy Mauro Baldi100000023.011.00
18France Didier Pironi100000118.09.00
19Germany Manfred Winkelhock100000022.014.00
20Mexico Hector Rebaque100000016.018.00
21United Kingdom Rupert Keegan100000025.012.00
22Chile Eliseo Salazar100000024.014.00
23Austria Niki Lauda100000013.015.00
24France Patrick Tambay10000007.022.00
25Argentina Carlos Reutemann10000101.08.00
26France René Arnoux20000007.521.00
27United States Mario Andretti20000008.517.50
28Italy Riccardo Patrese20000008.016.50
29Italy Andrea de Cesaris200000016.010.50
30United Kingdom Derek Warwick200000016.016.00
31Switzerland Marc Surer200000020.013.00
32Italy Elio de Angelis200000017.520.50

Team Ranking


Team Ranking Caesars Palace Circuit

TeamGP  1st  2nd  3rd  Pod  Pole  FL  Avg GridAvg PosPoints
1United Kingdom Williams21001105.85.012
2United Kingdom Tyrrell210010114.510.59
3France Renault20101105.312.09
4United Kingdom McLaren201010010.59.06
5France Ligier20011008.513.85
6Switzerland Alfa Romeo200110013.09.54
7United Kingdom Team Lotus200000016.317.03
8United Kingdom Brabham20000009.316.32
9Hong Kong Theodore200000024.517.50
10Brazil Fittipaldi200000020.010.00
11Italy Osella200000021.024.00
12Germany ATS200000022.014.00
13United Kingdom Arrows200000017.09.70
14United Kingdom Toleman200000016.016.00
15United Kingdom March200000024.512.50
16United Kingdom Ensign200000024.014.00
17Italy Ferrari20000019.315.00


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