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Red Bull’s Behind-the-Scenes Turmoil: Jonathan Wheatley Rumored Exit

May 7 – Red Bull is now inching towards peace behind the scenes, a CEO of the energy drink company insists. All season so far, one of..

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7 May 2024

Newey’s Departure: Verstappen’s Camp Expresses Concern Over Red Bull

May 2 – Max Verstappen’s father has reacted with alarm to the now-confirmed news that Adrian Newey is leaving Red Bull...

2 May 2024

Red Bull’s Technical Director Pierre Wache Eyes Ferrari Switch?

Feb.12 – Another layer to Red Bull’s pre-season turmoil has emerged in the shape of the potential defection to Ferrari of its..

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12 Feb 2024

Battle in the Wind Tunnel: F1 Ponders DRS Ban to Challenge Red Bull?

Aug.9 – Formula 1 is considering banning the use of car’s DRS rear wing systems during qualifying, according to Auto Motor und..

9 Aug 2023

Red Bull’s efficiency and rivals’ hopes: Will penalties close the gap?

Jun.28 – Although Red Bull’s rivals have taken steps towards the dominant F1 team’s dominance recently, Alex Wurz says..

28 Jun 2023

F1 technical guru proposes radical solution to shed car weight

Jun.17 – One F1 technical guru has a simple solution to get the hefty weight of Formula 1 cars down – just announce it. FIA..

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17 Jun 2023

Red Bull F1 Boss says Newey is no longer in F1 full-time

Feb.20 – Adrian Newey is no longer working on Formula 1 every single day, Red Bull’s Christian Horner admits. Earlier, the..

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20 Feb 2023

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