May 7 - Red Bull is now inching towards peace behind the scenes, a CEO of the energy drink company insists.

All season so far, one of the biggest topics of conversation in the Formula 1 paddock has been the team's internal leadership power struggle and the Christian Horner scandal.

According to The Times newspaper, the next major Red Bull team member could be preparing to follow Adrian Newey out of the door.

Jonathan Wheatley became Red Bull Racing's chief mechanic way back in 2006, and is still sporting director in a key role - but now it's rumoured that he is poised to depart.

McLaren CEO Zak Brown said last week that he suspected that Newey was just "the first domino to fall".

"My guess is it's not the last, based on the resumes that are flying around," he added.

Oliver Mintzlaff, one of the CEOs put in place at the drinks company in the wake of Dietrich Mateschitz's death, admits the internal unrest has affected Red Bull.

"I don't want to argue with the fact that we need more peace and quiet," he told Sky Deutschland. "But I think we're getting there step by step.

"So it is more speculation that arises, because there was a certain amount of unrest in our team, absolutely, and there are teams that are behind us."

Mintzlaff also played down Newey's departure.

"We will remain closely connected," he insisted, even though Red Bull has announced that Newey will be gone within the first quarter of 2025.

"It's not as if Adrian is just disappearing," Mintzlaff argues. "He's here (in Miami) and he will be at other races too. We're working together on the RB17 - the hypercar that he's developing.

"So it's certainly a bit of a farewell to Formula 1, but it's not as if we've parted ways on bad terms. We have projects and who knows what the future will bring."

The German businessman argues that departures of key staff members "Is what happens naturally when you're successful".

"We know that from other sports too - people look at you and the staff you have."

Recent rumours suggest Red Bull might even lose Pierre Wache as technical director in the next wave of departures, but Italian media reports that he has now signed up through 2028.

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