F1 horsepower

Marko says Mercedes has more power than Honda

Jul.13 - It is still too soon to declare that Mercedes' 2020 car is clearly faster than the Red Bull, according to Toto Wolff. "We haven't..

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13 Jul 2020

Ferrari SF1000 engine gets 15HP more

Jun.18 - Ferrari has reportedly found 15 horsepower to add to its 2020 engine ahead of the resumption of racing in Austria early next..

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18 Jun 2020

Renault claims to have broken 1000hp barrier

Renault claims to have broken the four-digit horsepower barrier with its improved 2019 engine. That is despite the fact that, just two..

31 Jul 2019

Mansell: Drivers don't know what 'proper' F1 is

Today's drivers "will never know" what racing a "proper F1 car" is like. That is the claim of 1992 world champion Nigel Mansell, who says..

24 Jul 2019

No power unit has broken 1000hp barrier yet

No engine manufacturer in Formula 1 has reached the magic '1000 horsepower' figure yet. That is the claim of a Mercedes engineer, according..

18 Jul 2019

Schumacher: Ferrari engine has 'over 1000hp'

Mick Schumacher may have let the cat out of the bag about the power of Ferrari's 2019 engine. After a stuttering start in Australia, Red..

4 Apr 2019

Hamilton: Honda only 10hp behind now

Lewis Hamilton thinks Honda is now just 10hp behind the top engines in F1. The Japanese manufacturer struggled when it returned to the..

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30 Mar 2019

Alonso rules out quitting amid Honda crisis

Mar.25 - Fernando Alonso has ruled out calling it quits amid the McLaren-Honda crisis. Asked how he is coping with a third consecutive year..

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25 Mar 2017

Boullier: Alonso 'has spoken' about 2018

Mar.15 - Eric Boullier has admitted Fernando Alonso's future could depend on the competitiveness of the McLaren-Honda package in 2017. On..

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15 Mar 2017

Mercedes 'closer and closer' to 1000hp

Feb.24 - Mercedes is inching ever "closer" to the milestone mark of 1000 horse power with its field-leading V6 power unit. That is the..

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24 Feb 2017

Sainz: Toro Rosso engine could be least powerful

Apr.15 - Carlos Sainz thinks it is possible Toro Rosso is already the team with the least amount of horse power on the grid. Although the..

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15 Apr 2016

Mercedes proposes 20hp boost for engine rivals

Mar.9 - A surprising proposal by Mercedes could help solve the issue of Mercedes' seemingly endless domination in the new 'power unit' era...

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9 Mar 2016

Mercedes denies cracking 1000hp barrier

Mar.2 - With every passing test day, the feeling in the Barcelona paddock is growing ever stronger that Mercedes will decimate all comers..

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2 Mar 2016

Lauda: Mercedes V6 F1 engine produces 580hp

Niki Lauda has revealed that Mercedes' new turbo V6 engine produces "about 580" horse power. It is a rare admission in the highly-secretive..

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6 Mar 2014
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