As motor racing stories go, Mario Andretti’s is pure Hollywood. Born in what was war-ravaged Italy in 1940, and later a refugee, he would rise to not only become arguably the greatest all-round racing driver in history, but also a household name, synonymous with speed, across America – his adopted homeland after emigrating in the 1950s.

On this week’s episode we hear the full epic tale, from the moment he caught the motor racing bug watching hero Alberto Ascari at Monza, to the early years of his career, racing in secret with brother Aldo. And from the glory of racing for Ferrari at Monza to his tragic coronation as F1 world champion at the same track in 1978 – the incredible stories come one after another...

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One F1 fan comment on “Mario Andretti 2019 Beyond the Grid interview


    Now this interview will be a hard act to follow.It could have lasted all day long so enjoyable to the full.Mario was one of the last complete racers ,sure wish there are more like him today.Thanks a million you made my day a very good one.


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