Mario Andretti News

Mario Andretti Devastated as F1 Rejects Son’s New Team

Feb.1 – Two prominent Formula 1 insiders have criticised the decision to slam the door shut to Andretti-Cadillac. Although former..

1 Feb 2024

Andretti’s Dream: Should He Have Started Up The F1 Entry Sooner?

Jan.22 – Michael Andretti should have bought a Formula 1 team “years ago”, according to former F1 supremo Bernie..

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22 Jan 2024

Mario Andretti 2023 Beyond the Grid Podcast Interview

 In the annals of Formula 1, the year 1978 stands out as a pivotal moment, marking the ascent of Mario Andretti to the pinnacle of..

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15 Nov 2023

Andretti-Cadillac Bid Faces F1 Hurdles Ahead of Las Vegas GP

Nov.13 – As Formula 1 returns to the US this week to race at the highly-anticipated Las Vegas GP, Michael Andretti’s famous..

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13 Nov 2023

F1’s 11th Team in Limbo: Alpine’s Shift in Priorities Casts Doubt on Andretti’s Dreams

Oct.13 – Renault-linked Alpine may have emerged as an obstacle to Andretti-Cadillac joining Formula 1. Although Cadillac is owned by..

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13 Oct 2023

The Andretti Bid: A Strong Contender for F1?

Feb.20 – Michael and Mario Andretti are already “insiders” who should be welcomed back into Formula 1. That is the view..

20 Feb 2023

5 teams to battle for 2023 F1 race wins according Andretti

Jan.23 – Up to five teams could be vying for race wins in 2023, according to Formula 1 legend and 1978 world champion Mario Andretti...

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23 Jan 2023

Andretti’s F1 dream in danger: teams fear value dilution

Jan.20 – Formula 1 only has “a couple of months” to open the door to a new Andretti-Cadillac team in 2025 or 2026. That..

20 Jan 2023

Andretti urges F1 to embrace Cadillac’s participation

Jan.17 – General Motors and Cadillac really are serious about succeeding in Formula 1. That is the insistence of Mario Andretti,..

17 Jan 2023

Mario Andretti drives modern McLaren F1 car at Laguna Seca

The legendary Mario Andretti returned to a modern F1 car at the age of 82!. The 1978 F1 drivers’ champ jumped into the McLaren MP4/28..

19 Oct 2022

FIA wants to allow more new entrants to race F1 in 2026

Aug.11 – FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem is confident “new entrants” will enter Formula 1 after the 2026 engine rules..

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11 Aug 2022

Alpine & Renault backing Andretti’s bid to enter F1

May 17 – Alpine has emerged in support of Michael Andretti‘s bid to add an eleventh team to Formula 1. Although the enthusiasm..

17 May 2022

Andretti not expecting F1 answer ‘for a while’

May 8 – FIA president Muhammed Ben Sulayem will “support” Michael Andretti as the former McLaren driver bids to enter a..

8 May 2022

EUR 600m Sauber-Andretti buyout deal now on the rocks

Oct.24 – Michael Andretti’s takeover of the Alfa Romeo team is suddenly on the rocks. Earlier in Austin, the paddock was alight..

24 Oct 2021

Verstappen says ‘no’ to dangerous Indycar’s oval racing

Oct.23 – Max Verstappen has counted himself out of a potential future in Indycar. In Austin, the paddock is abuzz with speculation US..

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23 Oct 2021

Schumacher says Alfa Romeo team already sold to Andretti

Oct.23 – Michael Andretti’s buyout of the Formula 1 team currently known as Alfa Romeo is a done deal. That is the view of Ralf..

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F1 Nation: 2021 US F1 Grand Prix preview

Mario Andretti -1978 Formula 1 World Champion and motorsport legend – joins Tom Clarkson and Damon Hill to look ahead to the 2021..

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19 Oct 2021

Racing for Ferrari – Part 1: The Enzo Ferrari years

They’re the most storied team in Formula 1 history, the one that’s been around the longest, the one with the most wins and..

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16 Sep 2020

Hamilton hits back at F1 legends over racism

Jul.21 – Lewis Hamilton has hit back at F1 legends Mario Andretti and Sir Jackie Stewart over their recent criticism of the Mercedes..

21 Jul 2020

F1 legends question Hamilton’s racial activism

Jul.17 – Two Formula 1 legends have questioned Lewis Hamilton‘s recent racial activism. At each race so far in 2020, the..

17 Jul 2020

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