AlphaTauri, once known as Toro Rosso, has been a familiar name in Formula 1 since 2006. The team, which rebranded in 2020 to promote Red Bull's clothing brand AlphaTauri, had a mixed bag of results in the 2023 season. This report delves into their journey throughout the year, highlighting the highs and lows and analyzing the factors that influenced their performance.

The Season's Overview

AlphaTauri's 2023 campaign was marked by significant changes and challenges. The team ended the season with 25 points, a noticeable improvement from their previous season's tally, showcasing their resilience and capacity for growth, but ended up on P8 in the 2023 F1 Constructors' Championship, just three points behind Williams.


Technical Advancements: The team demonstrated remarkable technical progress. "At 18 of the 22 grands prix, AlphaTauri showed up with new parts... one could almost have spoken of a B, C or D version," noted Auto Motor und Sport correspondent Michael Schmidt. This aggressive development strategy, particularly the integration of the rear suspension of the title-winning RB19 from their parent team Red Bull Racing, marked a significant step up in their technical capabilities.

Driver Development: Yuki Tsunoda's growth was a highlight. Despite a rocky start, Tsunoda matured into a more consistent and calmer driver, as observed by former Red Bull F1 driver Christian Klien. His improved mental fortitude was crucial in navigating the high-pressure environment of F1.

We also saw Red Bull's full time reserve driver Liam Lawson doing a great job temporarily replacing Daniel Ricciardo for 5 races, due to an injury​ in his first GP weekend at Zandvoort.


Inconsistent Performance: Despite technological advancements, the team struggled with consistency. Their performance oscillated, with instances of brilliance overshadowed by periods of underperformance. This inconsistency was evident in their fluctuating race results throughout the season.

Challenges with the Junior Team Image: The AlphaTauri F1 team worked hard to shake off its image as Red Bull's 'junior team'. The rebranding effort, including a proposed name change to 'Racing Bulls' for 2024, was a strategic move to establish a more independent and competitive identity.

Key Influences on the Team's Performance

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Yuki Tsunoda and Daniel Ricciardo

Driver Lineup Changes: The departure of Pierre Gasly and the arrival of Nyck De Vries didn't brought a fresh dynamic to the team. It seemed like it took to long for De Vries to adapt and unfortunately his seat was given to Daniel Ricciardo, just before his home race at Zandvoort. Ricciardo's experience created a blend of reliability and new talent, contributing positively to the team's overall performance. At the end of the year team boss Franz Tost admitted the feedback of De Vries contributed a lot of there upwards performance later in the season.

Increased Synergy with Red Bull Racing: The closer relationship with Red Bull Racing, including shared technology and development, provided a significant boost. However, this also raised concerns among competitors and the FIA about the extent of collaboration between the two teams.

Management Shifts: The appointment of Laurent Mekies as the new team boss, replacing Tost, signaled a shift in leadership style and strategic approach. Mekies, with his experience at Ferrari, brought a new perspective to the team's operations.

In the end...

AlphaTauri's 2023 season was a testament to their tenacity and willingness to evolve. While they faced challenges, their commitment to technical innovation and driver development yielded positive results. The team's ongoing transformation, especially its efforts to move away from being perceived as a mere junior team, sets the stage for an intriguing 2024 season. As they continue to grow, AlphaTauri promises to be a team to watch in the dynamic world of Formula 1.

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