Formula 1, the height of motorsport, is becoming more popular with audiences again. Its 2021 cumulative audience amounted to 1.55 billion views. Each of the Grand Prix events averaged 70.3 million views. The grand finale showdown attracted an audience of 107.8 million. With this renewed interest also came an increased surge in bets on F1 racing. The number of wagers increased by 30% every season. Fans are finding the sport quite fun to participate in.

This can be attributed to several factors. The industry has created multiple channels through which fans can engage in the sport. One of the ways is through betting on the game. This is also meant to enrich the bettor's coffers. Wagering is easily accessible through the various casinos and sportsbooks that offer betting choices for motorsports. This has made many individuals make use of the opportunity. Hardcore fans can profit from their knowledge of the sport.

How Online Betting Is Connected to F1 Motorsports

Formula 1 racing has been in existence since 1950. Over time, it has evolved into one of the most followed motorsports globally. There are several reasons why F1 betting has garnered international appeal. Due to the exciting and dangerous nature of the game, it’s little wonder that a betting market emerged from it. Notably, some of the earliest and most famous Grand Prix events were held in countries known for gambling, for example, Monaco. Being able to wager on the sport contributed to fans being able to identify with the sport.

Another thing that contributed to its popularity is funding from casinos. In 2020, the brand signed its first sponsorship from a casino. This was a strategic move that kept bettors informed about the racing data. Hence, prompting more fans to choose to wager on F1. Reputable NonGamStopCasinos sportsbooks carry details about wagering on the events. This makes it possible for gamblers to make informed decisions when wagering.

Benefits Of Online Betting For F1 Fans

Formula 1 has some of the most talented drivers and best cars in motor racing. Making it easy to understand why it draws massive audiences. What makes this event more alluring to people is the ability to make money out of it. Viewers can place wagers on the sport. Additionally, audiences don’t have to be present at the races physically. In the era of technological advancement, they can bet online at bookmakers without GamStop restrictions. But to win, punters need the best strategies. Below are 3 top reasons why a Formula 1 fan will enjoy Internet betting.

More Options for Spectators

There are several options gamblers can use when placing a wager. The most popular choice is the outright bet. This is where gamers predict who will be the annual Grand Prix winner. Besides this, with the Podium Bet, individuals can bet who will come in second or in third place. Also, with the Futures Wager, they can choose the winning team for the season.

Additionally, they can predict other events as well. For instance, unexpected incidents like mechanical failures or crashes. Or, can bet on the best F1 drivers, in their opinion. Other betting choices include the number of overtaking manoeuvres, winning margin and individual passes. Some sites let punters wager on the fastest lap and if the safety vehicle will be utilized. People who want to get the most on betting on the championship should explore various markets on offer.

Live Stream in International Betting Sites

Fans can only watch Formula 1 via expensive subscription services. However, with a live stream, bettors don’t need to pay anything. This has become an extremely popular method to catch real-time action in HD. This is as long as an individual has a high-speed internet connection. This is available through the best online casinos or sportsbooks that offer motorsports bets.

There are different bookies available that provide F1 lines. This gives punters many choices when it comes to finding operators that meet their needs. They can watch the action through their iOS and Android devices. This is one of the legal ways to watch the sport.

Betting Is As Thrilling As Car Racing

The fast-paced action is a plus for enthusiasts. The high-octane action normally leads to some dramatic events and classic moments. The sport is regarded as one of the most thrilling yet dangerous events in four-wheel motor racing. It is usually full of surprises. That is why many people prefer to watch it.

A season of F1 lasts for 9 months. Meaning that for most of the year, fans can wager on the sport. A lot of people are attracted to this event due to the adrenaline rush that it provides. The roller coaster of emotions throughout the race can also put one on edge. It serves to hold their attention to the end of the competition.


Motorsports racing provides their viewers with a lot of content so there will be no chance of getting bored. This will keep people entertained for a large part of the year. What’s more, they have introduced wagering on races. When individuals put their money on the line, they become more interested in the sport. Although many true fans prefer to purchase F1 tickets and visit the events in person, some of them choose to enjoy F1 events from the comfort of their homes. There’s no longer any need to visit a physical gambling house. A punter's tablet, smartphone or PC is sufficient to indulge in betting.

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