2000 F1 Championship Results

2000 F1 World Championship
RaceDateWinning DriverTeamLapsTime
Australian Grand Prix result12 MarchGermany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari5801:34:01.987
Brazilian Grand Prix result26 MarchGermany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari7101:31:35.271
San Marino Grand Prix result9 AprilGermany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari6201:31:39.776
British Grand Prix result23 AprilUnited Kingdom David Coulthard
United Kingdom McLaren6001:28:50.108
Spanish Grand Prix result7 MayFinland Mika Häkkinen
United Kingdom McLaren6501:33:55.390
European Grand Prix result21 MayGermany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari6701:42:00.307
Monaco Grand Prix result4 JuneUnited Kingdom David Coulthard
United Kingdom McLaren7801:49:28.213
Canadian Grand Prix result18 JuneGermany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari6901:41:12.313
French Grand Prix result2 JulyUnited Kingdom David Coulthard
United Kingdom McLaren7201:38:05.538
Austrian Grand Prix result16 JulyFinland Mika Häkkinen
United Kingdom McLaren7101:28:15.818
German Grand Prix result30 JulyBrazil Rubens Barrichello
Italy Ferrari4501:25:34.418
Hungarian Grand Prix result13 AugustFinland Mika Häkkinen
United Kingdom McLaren7701:45:33.869
Belgian Grand Prix result27 AugustFinland Mika Häkkinen
United Kingdom McLaren4401:28:14.494
Italian Grand Prix result10 SeptemberGermany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari5301:27:31.638
United States Grand Prix result24 SeptemberGermany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari7301:36:30.883
Japanese Grand Prix result8 OctoberGermany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari5301:29:53.435
Malaysian Grand Prix result22 OctoberGermany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari5601:35:54.235

2000 Formula 1 Drivers Championship Table

1Germany Michael Schumacher111351Ret1RetRetRet221111108
2Finland Mika HäkkinenRetRet221264212112Ret2489
3United Kingdom David CoulthardRetDSQ31231712334Ret53273
4Brazil Rubens Barrichello2Ret4Ret34223314RetRet24362
5Germany Ralf Schumacher35Ret44RetRet145Ret7533RetRetRet24
6Italy Giancarlo Fisichella5211795339RetRetRetRet11Ret14918
7Canada Jacques Villeneuve4Ret516RetRet715448127Ret46517
8United Kingdom Jenson ButtonRet6Ret51710Ret1185495RetRet5Ret12
9Germany Heinz-Harald FrentzenRet3Ret176Ret10Ret7RetRet66Ret3RetRet11
10Italy Jarno TrulliRet415612RetRet66Ret97RetRetRet13126
11Finland Mika SaloDSQWD687Ret5Ret10651097Ret1086
12Netherlands Jos VerstappenRet714RetRetRetRet5RetRetRet13154RetRet105
13United Kingdom Eddie IrvineRetRet71311Ret41313 10810Ret7864
14Brazil Ricardo Zonta6912Ret8RetRet8RetRetRet1412669Ret3
15Austria Alexander Wurz7Ret991012Ret9Ret10Ret1113510Ret72
16Spain Pedro de la RosaRet8RetRetRet6RetRetRetRet61616RetRet12Ret2
17United Kingdom Johnny HerbertRetRet101213119RetRet7RetRet8Ret117Ret0
18Brazil Pedro DinizRetWD811Ret7Ret10119RetRet118811Ret0
19Spain Marc Gené8RetRet1414RetRet16158Ret1514912RetRet0
20Germany Nick Heidfeld9RetRetRet16 8Ret12Ret12RetRetRet9RetRet0
21Argentina Gastón MazzacaneRet101315158Ret12Ret1211Ret1710Ret15130
22France Jean AlesiRetRetRet10Ret9RetRet14RetRetRetRet12RetRet110
23Brazil Luciano Burti         11       0

Germany Michael Schumacher1792112992120108
Finland Mika Häkkinen174701159449089
United Kingdom David Coulthard173351129733073
Brazil Rubens Barrichello17144919393062
Germany Ralf Schumacher17003309130024
Italy Giancarlo Fisichella17012308390018
Canada Jacques Villeneuve17000009000017
United Kingdom Jenson Button17000007890012
Germany Heinz-Harald Frentzen17002206810011
Italy Jarno Trulli1700000709006
Finland Mika Salo1700000872006
Netherlands Jos Verstappen1700000695005
Brazil Ricardo Zonta1700000909003
Spain Pedro de la Rosa1700000600002
Austria Alexander Wurz1700000868002
Spain Marc Gené1700000843000
Brazil Pedro Diniz1700000777000
United Kingdom Johnny Herbert1700000773000
France Jean Alesi1700000627000
Argentina Gastón Mazzacane1700000912000
United Kingdom Eddie Irvine1600000799004
Germany Nick Heidfeld1600000625000
Brazil Luciano Burti10000069000

2000 Formula 1 Constructors Championship Table

1Italy Ferrari3111351Ret1RetRetRet221111170
2United Kingdom McLaren1RetRet221264212112Ret24152
3United Kingdom Williams935Ret44RetRet145Ret7533RetRetRet36
4Italy Benetton115211795339RetRetRetRet11Ret14920
5United Kingdom BAR224Ret516RetRet715448127Ret46520
6Ireland Jordan5Ret3Ret176Ret10Ret7RetRet66Ret3RetRet17
7United Kingdom Arrows18Ret8RetRetRet6RetRetRetRet61616RetRet12Ret7
8Switzerland Sauber16RetWD811Ret7Ret10119RetRet118811Ret6
9United Kingdom Jaguar7RetRet71311Ret413131110810Ret7864
10Italy Minardi208RetRet1414RetRet16158Ret1514912RetRet0
11France Prost14RetRetRet10Ret9RetRet14RetRetRetRet12RetRet110
159RetRetRet16 8Ret12Ret12RetRetRet9RetRet

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