Top 100 F1 Team Rankings

All time F1 team rankings

See the all time F1 constructor rankings. This ranking goes all the way back to the beginning of Formula 1 in 1950. This list displays the all time F1 team rankings with the amount of races, victories, podiums, pole positions, fastest laps and the total amount of points.

The ranking is sorted on total points by default. You can sort each ranking by pushing the small arrows.

You can see the current teams on our 2017 F1 teams page, all teams can be found on our F1 teams since 1950 page.

1Italy Ferrari9492302672415452122438057.27
2United Kingdom McLaren8231821581453911551535461.5
3Austria Red Bull24455425111058503874.5
4Germany Mercedes1677550279987493814.14
5United Kingdom Williams693114112862431281333558
6United Kingdom Lotus532794251157107701514
7France Renault3433534318851311369
8United Kingdom Brabham4023541481063939983
9India Force India190014515978
10Italy Benetton260273243941536861.5
11United Kingdom Tyrrell433233321661420711
12United Kingdom Lotus F177211122004700
13United Kingdom BRM208172717531115537.5
14United Kingdom Cooper-Climax129161825411114488.5
15Switzerland Sauber3350281003421
16Switzerland BMW Sauber10811061612396
17Italy Toro Rosso225100111389
18France Ligier330914274599388
19Italy Maserati7391021281017313.42
20Ireland Jordan25044111722291
21Japan Toyota1400581323278.5
22United Kingdom BAR11804111520227
23Italy Alfa Romeo1121189181214214
24United Kingdom March20731082057185
25France Matra6294817412184
26United Kingdom Brawn178431154172
27Japan Honda88315922156
28United Kingdom Arrows296053810142
29United States Kurtis Kraft12568867130
30United Kingdom Vanwall2910221176108
31United Kingdom Wolf48346131279
32United States Haas F1 Team4000000076
33United Kingdom Shadow11210672268.5
34United Kingdom Surtees11901120354
35Germany Porsche3413151050
36United Kingdom Jaguar8500220049
37United Kingdom Hesketh6013370148
38United Kingdom Stewart4911341047
39United States Epperly522130244
40Brazil Fittipaldi11901230041
41Italy Minardi34500000038
42United States Watson932032136
43France Prost8302130035
44United Kingdom Lola8802021027
45United Kingdom Toleman7001231226
46France Gordini3300220125.14
47France Talbot-Lago1300220025
48United Kingdom Footwork9700110025
49United States Penske4110230023
50France Larrousse11400110022
51United States Kuzma1011130021
52United Kingdom Ensign13300000119
53United Kingdom Connaught1800110017
54United States Eagle2510120217
55Italy Dallara8000220015
56United Kingdom BRP1300000011
57United States Deidt301110010
58United States Lesovsky900111110
59Italy Lancia40101219
60United Kingdom Leyton House320101008
61United States Phillips70011007
62Germany ATS1160000007
63United States Parnelli160000016
64Italy Onyx250011006
65United Kingdom Iso Marlboro300000006
66Germany Rial300000006
67France Simca150000005
68Italy Osella1710000005
69Japan Super Aguri390000004
70United Kingdom Cooper-Maserati10000003
71United Kingdom Cooper-Castellotti10000003
72Brazil Copersucar-Fittipaldi10000003
73United States Sherman20000003
74United Kingdom Frazer-Nash40000003
75United Kingdom Hill110000003
76United Kingdom Manor950000003
77United States Schroeder40000002
78United Kingdom HWM160000002
79Hong Kong Theodore510000002
80Germany Zakspeed730000002
81France AGS760000002
82United States Trevis40000001
83Italy Tecno110000001
84Netherlands Spyker210000001
85United States Tec-Mec10000000
86United States Langley10000000
87United Kingdom Derrington-Francis10000000
88United States Del Roy10000000
89United States Hall10000000
90Germany EMW10000000
91United Kingdom Connew10000000
92United States Adams10000000
93United Kingdom Protos10000000
94Germany MBM10000000
95Zimbabwe RE10000000
96Belgium ENB10000000
97United States Rae10000000
98United States Sutton10000000
99France Bugatti10000000
100United States Wetteroth10000000

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