Marchese F1 team F1 stats & info

CountryUnited States United States
Season Entries2
Total Drivers2
First Race1950 Indianapolis 500
Last Race1951 Indianapolis 500
Best Qualifying16th - 1950 Indianapolis 500
Best Result11th - 1950 Indianapolis 500

Engines used by Marchese: Offenhauser (1950-1951)

Marchese F1 stats

Race Starts2
Race Wins0
Pole Positions0
Fastest Laps0
Total Points0
Total Laps226
Retirements1 (50,0%)


Marchese F1 Team Drivers


Marchese F1 Team Drivers Achievements

United States Chuck Stevenson1000009300
United States Myron Fohr10000013300

Marchese F1 Team Achievements


Marchese F1 Team Achievements

Marchese Classifications

11th1 Time
20th1 Time

Marchese Championship Positions

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