Chuck Stevenson info & statistics

NameChuck Stevenson
CountryUnited States United States
Place of BirthSydney
Date of BirthOct 15th 1919
Date of DeathAug 21st 1995 - 75 years old
Season Entries5
First Race1951 Indianapolis 500
Last Race1960 Indianapolis 500
Best Qualifying5th - 1954 Indianapolis 500
Best Result9th - 1953 Indianapolis 500

Chuck Stevenson F1 Stats

Race Starts5
Race Wins0
Pole Positions0
Fastest Laps0
Points Finishes0
Retirements2 (40,0%)
Total Points0
Total Laps1.020



Chuck Stevenson Final Championship Results



Chuck Stevenson F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
1960 United States Watson Offenhauser10000019600.000
1954 United States Kuzma Offenhauser10000019900.000
1953 United States Kurtis Kraft
United States Kuzma
1952 United States Kurtis Kraft Offenhauser10000018700.000
1951 United States Marchese Offenhauser1000009300.000



Chuck Stevenson F1 GP Race Classifications

9th1 Time
12th1 Time
15th1 Time
18th1 Time
20th1 Time
23th1 Time
29th1 Time


Chuck Stevenson F1 GP Race Results

719601960 Indianapolis 50065WatsonOffenhauser9150
619541954 Indianapolis 50098KuzmaOffenhauser5120
519531953 Indianapolis 50098KuzmaOffenhauser69Accident0
419531953 Indianapolis 50097KuzmaOffenhauser1629Fuel Leak0
319531953 Indianapolis 50055Kurtis KraftOffenhauser723Overheating0
219521952 Indianapolis 50016Kurtis KraftOffenhauser11180
119511951 Indianapolis 5008MarcheseOffenhauser1920Fire0



Chuck Stevenson Teammate Comparison

YearTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPosQuali
1952Kurtis KraftAndy Linden18330000001001
Art Cross1850200000110
Bill Vukovich18170100000101
Bob Scott18290000001010
Bob Sweikert18260000001010
Chet Miller18300000001010
Cliff Griffith1890000000101
Duke Nalon18250000001001
Fred Agabashian18270000011001
Gene Hartley18280000001010
George Connor1880000000110
Jack McGrath18110000000101
Jim Rathmann1820600000101
Jimmy Bryan1860000000110
Jimmy Reece1870000000110
Joe James18130000000110
Johnnie Parsons18100000000110
Johnny McDowell18210000001010
Rodger Ward18230000001010
Sam Hanks1830400000101
1953Kurtis KraftAndy Linden23160000000110
Art Cross2320600000110
Bill Holland23150000000110
Bill Vukovich2310901010101
Bob Scott23120000000110
Cal Niday23300000001010
Carl Scarborough23120000000110
Duane Carter2330200000110
Duke Dinsmore23160000000110
Duke Nalon23110000000110
Eddie Johnson2370000000110
Fred Agabashian23401.500000101
Gene Hartley990000001111
Jack McGrath2350200000101
Jackie Holmes23190000000110
Jerry Hoyt23230000000000
Jim Rathmann2370000000220
Jimmy Davies23100000000110
Jimmy Daywalt2360000000110
Johnnie Parsons23260000001010
Johnny Mantz23170000000110
Johnny Thomson23190000000110
Marshall Teague23180000000110
Paul Russo23401.500001111
Rodger Ward23160000000110
Sam Hanks2330200000110
Spider Webb23190000000110
Walt Faulkner23170000000110
KuzmaBob Sweikert9200000001120
Gene Hartley990000001111
Manny Ayulo9130000001102
Pat Flaherty9220000001120
Tony Bettenhausen990000000101
1954KuzmaJimmy Bryan1220600000101
Manny Ayulo12130000001010
Walt Faulkner12120000000000
1960WatsonDick Rathmann15310000001001
Jim Rathmann1510801000101
Len Sutton15300000001001
Lloyd Ruby1570000000110
Rodger Ward1520600000101
Tony Bettenhausen15230000001010
Troy Ruttman15200000001001

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