Mika Salo information & statistics

Mika Salo

NameMika Salo
CountryFinland Finland
Place of BirthHelsinki
Date of BirthNov 30th 1966 - 50 years old
First RaceNov 6th 1994 Japanese Grand Prix result
Last RaceOct 13th 2002 Japanese Grand Prix result
Best Qualifying4 - Aug 1st 1999 German Grand Prix result
Best Result2 - Aug 1st 1999 German Grand Prix result
First PodiumAug 1st 1999 German Grand Prix result
Last PodiumSep 12th 1999 Italian Grand Prix result

Formula 1 statistics:

Race Starts110
Drivers' Titles0
Fastest Laps0

Championship Results

Mika Salo F1 Championship Results

YearTeamEngineRaces1st2nd3rdPodiumsPolesLapsFastestAvg PtsPoints
2002 Japan Toyota Toyota170000092400.122
2000 Switzerland Sauber Petronas170000087200.356
1999 United Kingdom BAR
Italy Ferrari
1998 United Kingdom Arrows Arrows150000050600.203
1997 United Kingdom Tyrrell Ford170000090300.122
1996 United Kingdom Tyrrell Yamaha160000069300.315
1995 United Kingdom Tyrrell Yamaha170000095600.295
1994 United Kingdom Lotus Mugen-Honda2000009800.000

Race Results

Mika Salo F1 GP Race Results

11120022002 Japanese Grand Prix result24ToyotaToyota1380
11020022002 United States Grand Prix result24ToyotaToyota19140
10920022002 Italian Grand Prix result24ToyotaToyota10110
10820022002 Belgian Grand Prix result24ToyotaToyota970
10720022002 Hungarian Grand Prix result24ToyotaToyota17150
10620022002 German Grand Prix result24ToyotaToyota1990
10520022002 French Grand Prix result24ToyotaToyota16RetEngine0
10420022002 British Grand Prix result24ToyotaToyota8RetDrivetrain0
10320022002 European Grand Prix result24ToyotaToyota10RetGearbox0
10220022002 Canadian Grand Prix result24ToyotaToyota18RetBrakes0
10120022002 Monaco Grand Prix result24ToyotaToyota9RetBrakes0
10020022002 Austrian Grand Prix result24ToyotaToyota1080
9920022002 Spanish Grand Prix result24ToyotaToyota1790
9820022002 San Marino Grand Prix result24ToyotaToyota16RetGearbox0
9720022002 Brazilian Grand Prix result24ToyotaToyota1061
9620022002 Malaysian Grand Prix result24ToyotaToyota10120
9520022002 Australian Grand Prix result24ToyotaToyota1461
9420002000 Malaysian Grand Prix result17SauberPetronas1780
9320002000 Japanese Grand Prix result17SauberPetronas19100
9220002000 United States Grand Prix result17SauberPetronas14RetSpun off0
9120002000 Italian Grand Prix result17SauberPetronas1570
9020002000 Belgian Grand Prix result17SauberPetronas1890
8920002000 Hungarian Grand Prix result17SauberPetronas9100
8820002000 German Grand Prix result17SauberPetronas1552
8720002000 Austrian Grand Prix result17SauberPetronas961
8620002000 French Grand Prix result17SauberPetronas12100
8520002000 Canadian Grand Prix result17SauberPetronas15RetElectrical0
8420002000 Monaco Grand Prix result17SauberPetronas1352
8320002000 European Grand Prix result17SauberPetronas19RetHalfshaft0
8220002000 Spanish Grand Prix result17SauberPetronas1270
8120002000 British Grand Prix result17SauberPetronas1880
8020002000 San Marino Grand Prix result17SauberPetronas1261
7920002000 Brazilian Grand Prix result17SauberPetronas0WDSafety Concerns0
7820002000 Australian Grand Prix result17SauberPetronas10DSQDisqualified0
7719991999 European Grand Prix result3FerrariFerrari12RetBrakes0
7619991999 Italian Grand Prix result3FerrariFerrari634
7519991999 Belgian Grand Prix result3FerrariFerrari970
7419991999 Hungarian Grand Prix result3FerrariFerrari18120
7319991999 German Grand Prix result3FerrariFerrari426
7219991999 Austrian Grand Prix result3FerrariFerrari790
7119991999 Spanish Grand Prix result23BARSupertec1680
7019991999 Monaco Grand Prix result23BARSupertec12RetBrakes0
6919991999 San Marino Grand Prix result23BARSupertec1970
6819981998 Japanese Grand Prix result17ArrowsArrows15RetHydraulics0
6719981998 Luxembourg Grand Prix result17ArrowsArrows16140
6619981998 Italian Grand Prix result17ArrowsArrows16RetThrottle0
6519981998 Belgian Grand Prix result17ArrowsArrows18DNSCollision*0
6419981998 Hungarian Grand Prix result17ArrowsArrows13RetGearbox0
6319981998 German Grand Prix result17ArrowsArrows17140
6219981998 Austrian Grand Prix result17ArrowsArrows6RetCollision0
6119981998 British Grand Prix result17ArrowsArrows13RetThrottle0
6019981998 French Grand Prix result17ArrowsArrows19130
5919981998 Canadian Grand Prix result17ArrowsArrows17RetAccident0
5819981998 Monaco Grand Prix result17ArrowsArrows843
5719981998 Spanish Grand Prix result17ArrowsArrows17RetEngine0
5619981998 San Marino Grand Prix result17ArrowsArrows1490
5519981998 Argentine Grand Prix result17ArrowsArrows17RetGearbox0
5419981998 Brazilian Grand Prix result17ArrowsArrows20RetEngine0
5319981998 Australian Grand Prix result17ArrowsArrows16RetGearbox0
5219971997 European Grand Prix result19TyrrellFord21120
5119971997 Japanese Grand Prix result19TyrrellFord22RetEngine0
5019971997 Luxembourg Grand Prix result19TyrrellFord20100
4919971997 Austrian Grand Prix result19TyrrellFord21RetGearbox0
4819971997 Italian Grand Prix result19TyrrellFord19RetEngine0
4719971997 Belgian Grand Prix result19TyrrellFord19110
4619971997 Hungarian Grand Prix result19TyrrellFord21130
4519971997 German Grand Prix result19TyrrellFord19RetClutch0
4419971997 British Grand Prix result19TyrrellFord18RetEngine0
4319971997 French Grand Prix result19TyrrellFord19RetElectrical0
4219971997 Canadian Grand Prix result19TyrrellFord17RetEngine0
4119971997 Spanish Grand Prix result19TyrrellFord14RetPuncture0
4019971997 Monaco Grand Prix result19TyrrellFord1452
3919971997 San Marino Grand Prix result19TyrrellFord1990
3819971997 Argentine Grand Prix result19TyrrellFord1980
3719971997 Brazilian Grand Prix result19TyrrellFord22130
3619971997 Australian Grand Prix result19TyrrellFord18RetEngine0
3519961996 Japanese Grand Prix result19TyrrellYamaha15RetEngine0
3419961996 Portuguese Grand Prix result19TyrrellYamaha13110
3319961996 Italian Grand Prix result19TyrrellYamaha17RetEngine0
3219961996 Belgian Grand Prix result19TyrrellYamaha1370
3119961996 Hungarian Grand Prix result19TyrrellYamaha16RetCollision0
3019961996 German Grand Prix result19TyrrellYamaha1590
2919961996 British Grand Prix result19TyrrellYamaha1470
2819961996 French Grand Prix result19TyrrellYamaha13100
2719961996 Canadian Grand Prix result19TyrrellYamaha14RetEngine0
2619961996 Spanish Grand Prix result19TyrrellYamaha12DSQDisqualified0
2519961996 Monaco Grand Prix result19TyrrellYamaha115Collision2
2419961996 San Marino Grand Prix result19TyrrellYamaha8RetEngine0
2319961996 European Grand Prix result19TyrrellYamaha14DSQDisqualified0
2219961996 Argentine Grand Prix result19TyrrellYamaha16RetThrottle0
2119961996 Brazilian Grand Prix result19TyrrellYamaha1152
2019961996 Australian Grand Prix result19TyrrellYamaha1061
1919951995 Australian Grand Prix result4TyrrellYamaha1452
1819951995 Japanese Grand Prix result4TyrrellYamaha1261
1719951995 Pacific Grand Prix result4TyrrellYamaha18120
1619951995 European Grand Prix result4TyrrellYamaha15100
1519951995 Portuguese Grand Prix result4TyrrellYamaha15130
1419951995 Italian Grand Prix result4TyrrellYamaha1652
1319951995 Belgian Grand Prix result4TyrrellYamaha1180
1219951995 Hungarian Grand Prix result4TyrrellYamaha16RetThrottle0
1119951995 German Grand Prix result4TyrrellYamaha13RetClutch0
1019951995 British Grand Prix result4TyrrellYamaha2380
919951995 French Grand Prix result4TyrrellYamaha14150
819951995 Canadian Grand Prix result4TyrrellYamaha1570
719951995 Monaco Grand Prix result4TyrrellYamaha17RetGearbox0
619951995 Spanish Grand Prix result4TyrrellYamaha13100
519951995 San Marino Grand Prix result4TyrrellYamaha13RetEngine0
419951995 Argentine Grand Prix result4TyrrellYamaha7RetCollision0
319951995 Brazilian Grand Prix result4TyrrellYamaha1270
219941994 Australian Grand Prix result11LotusMugen-Honda22RetElectrical0
119941994 Japanese Grand Prix result11LotusMugen-Honda25100

Podium Finishes

Mika Salo F1 Podium Finishes

219991999 Italian Grand Prix result3FerrariFerrari634
119991999 German Grand Prix result3FerrariFerrari426

Teammate Comparison

Mika Salo Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1994LotusAlessandro Zanardi10130000002002
1995TyrrellGabriele Tarquini10140000001010
Ukyo Katayama57500000133124
1996TyrrellUkyo Katayama57500000124115
1997TyrrellJos Verstappen58200000125107
1998ArrowsPedro Diniz45330000106115
1999BARJacques Villeneuve7140000003003
FerrariEddie Irvine21102802001524
2000SauberPedro Diniz57600000134115
2002ToyotaAllan McNish67200000116152

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