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Manager keeps 'hope' of Schumacher recovery

May 28 - Michael Schumacher's manager on Friday collected a lifetime achievement award, organised by the Nurburgring, on behalf of the F1..

28 May 2016

Schumacher gets award for 'life's work'

May 25 - Michael Schumacher will be honoured at an award ceremony this week, the German newspaper Bild reports. The report said the..

25 May 2016

'Hearsay' replaces real information about Schumacher

May 13 - A lack of information about Michael Schumacher's condition means "hearsay" is instead being reported by the media about the F1..

13 May 2016

Alarming reports about Schumacher health

May 9 - International publications are repeating alarming news about the health of F1 legend Michael Schumacher. Spain's Diario Sport,..

9 May 2016

Lauda understands Schumacher information blackout

Mar.16 - Niki Lauda has backed the decision of Michael Schumacher's family to safeguard the privacy of the F1 great. Lauda, the Mercedes..

16 Mar 2016

Manager: 'No alternative' to Schumacher silence

Mar.14 - Michael Schumacher's manager has defended the ongoing secrecy about the condition of the most successful F1 driver of all time...

14 Mar 2016

Todt 'still friends' with stricken Schumacher

Mar.3 - Jean Todt says he is still friends with Michael Schumacher, even in the wake of the seven time world champion's serious head..

3 Mar 2016

Baldisserri 'does not ask Mick' about Schumacher health

Feb.22 - Luca Baldisserri, an engineer who formerly worked closely with F1 legend Michael Schumacher at Ferrari, has confirmed he is now..

22 Feb 2016

Family pays tribute to absent Schumacher

Feb.16 - Michael Schumacher's manager on Monday paid tribute to the absent F1 legend, as his entire family gathered for a rare public..

16 Feb 2016

Montezemolo: Schumacher news 'not good'

Feb.5 - Michael Schumacher's former boss has caused a stir by suggesting the health condition of the F1 legend is "not good". "I constantly..

5 Feb 2016

Todt: Pope Francis praying for Schumacher

Jan.15 - Pope Francis has promised to pray for Michael Schumacher. That was the claim of the beleaguered F1 great's friend, former Ferrari..

15 Jan 2016

Brawn: Schumacher played part in Mercedes success

Dec.31 - Michael Schumacher played a major role in the success enjoyed today by the Mercedes team. That is the view of Ross Brawn, a..

31 Dec 2015

Lawyer defends silence on Schumacher condition

Dec.29 - Michael Schumacher's media lawyer has defended the right of the great German's family to fiercely defend his privacy. Tuesday is..

29 Dec 2015

Montezemolo marks Schu anniversary with 'sadness'

Dec.29 - It was with sadness on Tuesday that two of Michael Schumacher's former colleagues marked the two-year anniversary of the great..

29 Dec 2015

Former manager not allowed to visit Schumacher

Dec.27 - Michael Schumacher's former manager has revealed he has been unable to visit the stricken F1 legend in the wake of his 2013 skiing..

28 Dec 2015

Manager denies latest report about Schumacher health

Dec.22 - Michael Schumacher's manager has rejected the latest media report about the rumoured health condition of the F1 legend. Bunte, a..

22 Dec 2015

Vettel: 'Difficult' to be 'missing' Schumacher

Nov.23 - Sebastian Vettel dedicated his victory in the Race of Champions event at London's Olympic Stadium at the weekend to Michael..

23 Nov 2015

Montezemolo says Schumacher situation 'terrible'

Nov.20 - Luca di Montezemolo, the former long-time Ferrari president, has described as "terrible" the current plight of F1 legend Michael..

20 Nov 2015

Leme: Schumacher's closest friends do not visit him #keepfightingmichael

Oct.31 - Reginaldo Leme, the famous Brazilian F1 commentator, says he can understand why Michael Schumacher's family is so carefully..

31 Oct 2015

Brawn: Still 'hope' for Schumacher recovery #KeepFightingMichael

Oct.21 - One of Michael Schumacher's closest friends and former colleagues says there is still "hope" the F1 legend will recover. As the..

21 Oct 2015

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