Paddy Lowe news

Wolff denies Lowe's claims on secret Mercedes 2014 performance

May 1 - Toto Wolff has vehemently denied claims that Mercedes secretly manipulated and hid the true performance of its first 'hybrid'..

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1 May 2021

Paddy Lowe 2021 Beyond the Grid interview

Paddy Lowe’s career in F1 took him from Williams to McLaren to Mercedes and then back to Williams. Over the course of that journey Paddy..

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28 Apr 2021

Russell admits no technical boss at Williams team was crazy

Mar.31 - George Russell thinks Williams is finally moving in the right direction in Formula 1. The once-great British team has been the..

31 Mar 2021

Russell denies wanting to leave Williams

George Russellhas denied he is pushing for a move to a faster F1 team. Although stranded at the back, the reigning Formula 2 champion is..

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28 Jun 2019

Williams admits 'guilt' in key team change

Claire Williams has admitted she was responsible for a change in Williams' team structure that resulted in the once-great outfit's 2019..

4 Apr 2019

Williams being run with fear & terror?

Mar.22 - Ralf Schumacher, who won all six of his F1 victories with the British team, thinks the problem at Williams could be its..

22 Mar 2019

Rumour: Williams to supply Pirelli test car

Williams appears to have been nominated as the supplier of a Pirelli test car for 2021. Earlier, we reported that F1's official supplier..

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8 Mar 2019

Paddy Lowe leaves Williams

Paddy Lowe has left Williams. The struggling team, whose 2019 car was delayed to the point that Robert Kubica said he is only "20pc"..

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7 Mar 2019

Lowe ignoring rumours about Williams future

Paddy Lowe says he has blocked out media speculation about his future at Williams. As the man most directly responsible for the struggling..

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2 Mar 2019

Wednesday testing for Williams 'a miracle'

All eyes are on the Williams garage ahead of the third day of testing in Barcelona. The struggling British team missed the first two days..

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20 Feb 2019

Stroll aims to avoid 'war of words' with Williams

Lance Stroll has hit back after his former boss accused him recently of arriving in F1 "too early". Stroll, now 20, spent his first two..

15 Feb 2019

Williams Heritage Stories: The FW14B (trailer)

Sign up below to watch the full story of one of Williams' greatest cars, the all-conquering FW14B from 1992. Sign up here to see the full..

28 Dec 2018

Lowe: 'No doubts' about Kubica return

George Russell says he can work together as a team with Robert Kubica next year. On paper, Williams' new F1 lineup looks potentially..

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28 Nov 2018

Kubica unexcited by race seat 'speculation'

Robert Kubica sounds only mildly interested in stepping up to the Williams race seat in 2018. It is expected that Lance Stroll will shortly..

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5 Sep 2018

Williams says Kubica will replace Stroll

Paddy Lowe says that if Williams makes a driver change within 2019, it will be Robert Kubica who steps up to the plate. It is strongly..

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2 Sep 2018

Lowe: More 'pain' before Williams gain

Paddy Lowe says Williams must endure more "pain" before solving its problems. The once-great team now has the slowest car in F1, with..

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21 Aug 2018

Lowe: Winter testing in Bahrain not likely

Jul.30 - Plans to move winter testing for 2019 to Bahrain appear to have been derailed. We reported recently that, after the new track..

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31 Jul 2018

Williams becoming a Mercedes 'B team' in 2019

Williams will take a step towards becoming a Mercedes 'B team' in 2019. The once-great British team now has the slowest car on the grid,..

26 Jul 2018

Lowe: There's no light at the end of the tunnel

Jul.3 - Lance Stroll says Williams' car problems equate to up to a 30 horse power deficit. The British team is stuck in arguably its worst..

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3 Jul 2018

Williams needs more time to fix car issues

Jun.12 - Paddy Lowe says Williams' problems will still take more time to solve. Russian driver Sergey Sirotkin admitted the 2018 car was..

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12 Jun 2018

Lowe: Williams will struggle to replace Martini

May 13 - Paddy Lowe has admitted that Williams will struggle to replace departing sponsor Martini for 2019. Martini announced it is leaving..

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13 May 2018

Teams hit out at fuel allowance increase

May 3 - Some F1 teams have hit out at the FIA's decision to increase the in-race fuel allowance for 2019. To stop drivers from needing to..

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3 May 2018

Lowe: Williams drivers not to blame for crisis

Aug.28 - Paddy Lowe has played down claims Williams' driver lineup is a major factor in the once-great British team's 2018 collapse. The..

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28 Apr 2018

Report: Mercedes could help solve Williams problem

Apr.23 - Williams may be reaching out to Mercedes in a bid to end its 2018 car crisis. Under the technical leadership of former Mercedes..

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23 Apr 2018

Lowe: Drivers not to blame for Williams crisis

Apr.15 - Paddy Lowe has denied that Williams' crisis is not being helped by the team's controversial driver lineup. The once-great British..

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15 Apr 2018

Paddy Lowe shows his support

Paddy Lowe of Williams technical Director, shows his supporting on the London Marathon runners, the "Superstar Six", who are raising..

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14 Apr 2018

Lowe: No extra Friday sessions for Kubica

Apr.12 - Paddy Lowe has admitted Williams' young driver lineup is a challenge amid the team's big current problems. The once-great British..

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12 Apr 2018

Brawn admits F1 cars must lose weight

Mar.19 - Ross Brawn has acknowledged that formula one cars must lose weight. While laptimes are currently impressive, F1 figures including..

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19 Mar 2018

Lowe says Kubica comparisons not right

Mar.15 - Paddy Lowe has hit back at claims Robert Kubica is a faster driver than both of Williams' 2018 race drivers. After a seven year..

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15 Mar 2018

Williams 2018 season car launch video summary

Summary of Williams car launch of the FW41 in London last week. Here you can find the Williams FW41 car

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23 Feb 2018
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