F1 steering wheel

F1 drivers’ laptop with McLaren Applied & Scarbs by Peter Windsor (2/2)

Craig Scarborough talks to McLaren Applied’s Richard Saxby about the status of current F1 steering wheels; the future – or not..

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23 Nov 2021

Formula 1 Steering Wheel Tour with Carlos Sainz

Steering wheels in Formula 1 do more than just steer the car, we asked Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow driver, #CarlosSainz​ to go give..

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7 May 2021

Bottas Explains his 2019 Mercedes Steering Wheel

In this video Mercedes F1 driver Valtteri Bottas explaines to you some functions on his high tech carbon steering wheel. Rumours say that..

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15 Mar 2019

Lando Norris F1 steering wheel explanation

 McLaren reserve driver and F2 driver Lando Norris explains what the buttons on a the McLaren steering wheel are

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18 May 2018

Red Bull plays down ‘trick’ steering ban

Jan.11 – Red Bull has played down the impact of a new FIA technical directive. Just before Christmas, F1’s governing body..

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11 Jan 2018

Unboxing F1: Lewis Hamilton’s new 2016 steering wheel

Ahead of the 2016 F1 season Lewis Hamilton unboxes his new steering wheel.

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4 Mar 2016

The F1 steering wheel

The days when a steering wheel was just for steering are long gone. Nico Rosberg, Daniel Ricciardo and Valtteri Bottas explain their..

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6 Feb 2016

Force India steering wheel stolen at Monza

Sep.8 – Force India has lodged a complaint with the police after a spare F1 steering wheel was stolen from the Monza circuit at the..

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8 Sep 2015

Marc Gene explains Ferrari F14T steering wheel (2014)

In this HD video Ferrari test driver Marc Gené explaines all buttons that are on the steering wheel of the 2014 Ferrari F1 car

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11 Apr 2014

Lewis talks about his F1 steering wheel

Besides steering left and right, the steering wheel features around 25 switches and buttons that need to be pushed, held down or released...

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13 May 2013

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