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Red Bull Racing: momentum returned

“Our latest Formula 1 2019 feature on Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Honda. Red Bull continues to demonstrate its potential despite..

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8 Aug 2019

Todt wants F1 to bring back refuelling

Jean Todt says he is an advocate for the potential return of refuelling in Formula 1. Refuelling was banned in 2010, for strategy and..

13 Jul 2019

Williams F1 pitstop special

ROKiT Williams Racing holds the fastest ever pitstop in F1 history at just 1.92 seconds. Find out what goes into making the team record..

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10 Jun 2019

Hartley’s pit stop challenge

 Brendon Hartley and his Toro Rosso engineers have a crack at completing a pit stop in our factory. It’s not as easy as it

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22 Sep 2018

Meet the super fast Williams pit crew

 Meet all the guys from the super fast Williams pit crew that was the fastest during the Hungarian Grand

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6 Aug 2018

FIA considering pitstop safety changes

Apr.24 – F1 is considering some mandatory changes in a bid to make pitstops safer. So far in 2018, as sub three second tyre stops..

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24 Apr 2018

F1 looking into pitstop safety

Apr.14 – ‘Unsafe release’ is a major buzzword in the paddock ahead of the Chinese grand prix. In Australia, both Haas..

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14 Apr 2018

Hakkinen backs pitstop incident investigation

Apr.12 – Mika Hakkinen has backed the investigation into the sort of pitstop incidents seen so far in 2018. In Australia, both Haas..

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12 Apr 2018

Race Weekend F1 Pit Stop Practice

How many practice pit stops do Formula One teams perform during a Grand Prix weekend? And what do they practice? We caught up with Silver..

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9 Apr 2017

2017 F1 Pit Stops: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Faster, wider, heavier… Formula One in 2017 presents a big physical challenge for the pit crew. Find out just how much we’ve upped our..

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20 Mar 2017

360° Pit Stop Behind The Scenes with GoPro

Red Bull Racing gives their pit stop the full 360° treatment. Together with our friends at GoPro we take you right into the thick of the..

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6 Nov 2016

Our Pit Stop Series: Behind The Scenes At Silverstone

Red Bull TV’s excellent documentary ‘The History of the Pitstop: Gone in Two Seconds’ has received great reviews over the..

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3 Nov 2016

Team vs Individual (Formula One Pit Stop)

We take a closer look at a pit stop where one individual takes on the standard three man team normally assigned to each

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21 Oct 2016

Max Verstappen: The Red Bull Racing 1.92 Second Challenge: Cups!

We build up to our Red Bull TV documentary The History of the Pit Stop: Gone in 2 Seconds. It’s Max’s turn to see what he can..

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17 Oct 2016

Nico & Lewis: Pit Stop Challenge + Best Fans!

Ahead of the 2016 Malaysian Grand Prix, Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton became mechanics for the morning, taking on the Pit Stop Challenge,..

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29 Sep 2016

Life in the Pit Lane – Episode 3, brought to you by Sure

Episode Three – Wheel On, Ed

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11 Sep 2016

The #FastestPitCrew

Williams Martini

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26 Aug 2016

The Art of the F1 Pitstop

A pitstop is one of the most strategically important elements of any race weekend, be it in qualifying or the race. It takes a perfectly..

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11 Aug 2016

Symonds proud of Williams’ pitstop turnaround

Jun.28 – Pat Symonds is proud of Williams, who have emerged this year as the team with clearly the fastest pitstops in formula one...

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28 Jun 2016

360: Williams pitstop up close

Watch in 360 as the fastest crew in F1 practice their Williams pitstops. Quickest time at all seven races so far in

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14 Jun 2016

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