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Bottas Furious: Sauber’s Slow Pitstops Slam Team’s Prospects

Mar.25 – Valtteri Bottas has issued some rare criticism of Sauber, amid rising rumours that he will be left out of the team’s..

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25 Mar 2024

F1 Showdown: Pirelli Aims for Two-Stop Thrillers & Red Bull on Edge

Mar.24 – Pirelli is trying to spice up Formula 1’s on-track action in 2024. At round three of the new world championship, it is..

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24 Mar 2024

Revving Up Zandvoort: F1 Teams Gain Extra Space in New Building

Jan.17 – Renovations at Dutch F1 GP venue Zandvoort are taking place in the off-season period. The popular track, with a contract..

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17 Jan 2024

Hamilton admits: Mercedes’ straight-line speed lags behind Red Bull

Nov.2 – While a new floor has paid off, and Mercedes has admitted that it must speed up its pitstops, the formerly dominant F1 team..

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2 Nov 2023

Mercedes’ Pitstop Puzzle: Can They Shave Seconds to Stay Competitive?

Oct.27 – Toto Wolff says Mercedes needs to hit the throttle on improving in-race pitstops. Last time out in Austin, Lewis Hamilton..

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27 Oct 2023

DRIVER’S EYE Under Lights – With Pit Stop!

Enjoy a lap with Yuki Tsunoda around the Bahrain International Circuit in 4K and see what it’s like for a driver to stop on the marks..

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16 Aug 2022

DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award: 2022 Australian F1 GP

The DHL Fastest Pit Stop at the Australian GP goes to Red Bull Racing with their quick tire change on Sergio Perez’

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12 Apr 2022

Red Bull team will not repeat failed Verstappen pit stop

Sep.23 – Red Bull has ensured a repeat of Max Verstappen’s botched Monza pitstop will not re-occur this weekend at Sochi,..

23 Sep 2021

New pitstop rules delayed until after F1 summer break

Jul.23 – The introduction of new pitstop rules in Formula 1 has been delayed. It emerged in June that the FIA will introduce minimum..

23 Jul 2021

Red Bull wants FIA to scrap new pitstop clampdown

Jul.3 – Red Bull is working hard behind the scenes to overturn the FIA’s incoming pitstop speed clampdown. It recently emerged..

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3 Jul 2021

Red Bull Racing to ‘question’ new pitstop speed rules

Jun.27 – Formula 1’s ever-lengthening book of rules is becoming farcical, according to Red Bull team boss Christian Horner...

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27 Jun 2021

Red Bull claims Mercedes team pushed for new pitstop clampdown

Jun.26 – Mercedes is behind a new FIA clampdown that looks set to slow down the lightening speed of title rival Red Bull’s..

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26 Jun 2021

Bottas surprised by team boss blame for disastrous pit stop last GP

Jun.4 – Valtteri Bottas has hit back at his Mercedes boss’s suggestion that the Finnish driver was at least partly to blame for..

4 Jun 2021

F1 Wheel Guns explained by Mercedes crewmember

You guys said you wanted to know how F1 wheel guns worked, so… 👀 We asked Aaron to talk us through them!

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19 Dec 2020

Formula 1 documentary ᴴᴰ – Pit Stop in Two Seconds

CONTENT: Documentary looking at the history of Formula 1 pit stops to coincide with the third anniversary of its sub-two second stop at the..

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18 Dec 2020

Red Bull Racing wins DHL fastest pit stop award

The best in the business. 𝙁𝙪𝙡𝙡 𝙨𝙩𝙤𝙥. 🛑 Congratulations to the fastest pit crew in the world, winners of the 2020..

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15 Dec 2020

Bulls’ Guide To Formula 1 Pit Stops

A good pit stop is something you hear, not something you see. The perfect stop has two noises: the first noise is one, merged blat of four..

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24 Sep 2020

Binotto: Ferrari must improve pit stops

Ferrari must speed up its pit stops in 2020, boss Mattia Binotto has admitted. Red Bull had the fastest pit stops last year, with five..

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6 Jan 2020

Formula 1 Pit Stops 1950 & Today

Observe how the art of the Pit Stop has evolved since 1950 until

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2 Jan 2020

Red Bull Racing’s Zero Gravity Pit Stop?

Even gravity can’t hold the Red Bull F1 Team down! The Team needed a new challenge after performing three world record-breaking pit..

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21 Nov 2019

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