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F1 Pitstop with helmet camera F1 mechanic

Pit stop footage of Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton in

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13 Apr 2013

F1 teams study Red Bull Racing’s record pitstops

After Red Bull beat McLaren’s old pitstop speed record no fewer than five times in Malaysia, rivals have been studying the case with..

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12 Apr 2013

Three teams beat old McLaren F1 pitstop 2012 record

Red Bull claims it beat McLaren’s all-time record for the fastest ever tyre pitstop during the recent Malaysian grand prix. The..

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3 Apr 2013

Niki Lauda: 2013 F1 tyres are fundamentally wrong

Niki Lauda has slammed the tyre situation in formula one, accusing Pirelli and the FIA of confusing the fans. “The situation with the..

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19 Mar 2013

James Rossiter hits mechanic in Jerez F1 pitstop

James Rossiter, Force India’s simulator driver, crashed into a mechanic on Thursday morning at Jerez. The 29-year-old Briton, with F1..

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7 Feb 2013

F1 analysis: 204 fewer pitstops in 2012 Formula 1 season

There have been 204 fewer pitstops this year compared to the same period in 2011, an analysis by the German magazine Auto Motor und Sport..

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13 Nov 2012

One pitstop could be possible at 2012 Korean F1 Grand Prix

Red Bull driver Mark Webber has taken pole position for the first time at Yeongam ahead of his team mate Sebastian Vettel. Webber set a..

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13 Oct 2012

Caterham Technical Briefing: 2012 Korea: Pit stop procedure

Ahead of this weekend’s Korean Grand Prix, Caterham F1 Team Manager Graham Watson talks about working at the Yeongam circuit,..

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11 Oct 2012

F1 Pitstop? How does it work?

In this video you can learn what it is all about during a Formula 1

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10 Oct 2012

Analysis: Ferrari fastest pit crew in 2012

Aug.27 (GMM) Ferrari, whose Fernando Alonso is leading the world championship, is also the team with the fastest pit crew so far in..

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27 Aug 2012

How to make a Pitstop during F1 in 2011

Brought to you by https://www.f1-fansite.com: Mercedes GP movie about the way they do a pitstop during the 2011 F1 season. Nico Rosberg and..

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13 Aug 2011

Mark Webber pit stops Red Bull Formula 1 car in London

Mark Webber, and the Red Bull Racing team, pit stop a Formula 1 car in Parliament Square in London at 6 in the morning...

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11 Mar 2011

Mark Webber Parliament Square F1 Pit Stop w/ Red Bull Racing (Full Version)

A Formula 1 pit stop in Parliament Square! Mark Webber, and the Red Bull Racing team, rocked up in London at 6am for a bit of pit stop..

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10 Mar 2011

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