As Spa-Francorchamps delivers a washout, Tom and Natalie wring out their socks to join Damon in discussing one of the weirder weekends in F1 history. And despite the lack of race action there’s much to chat about, including whether it was right not to start the race, Lando Norris’s big crash at Eau Rouge, George Russell’s qualifying heroics - and just what this weekend means for the title race. And the gang also look ahead to the upcoming Dutch Grand Prix, where the weather forecast thankfully looks clear…

And if that wasn’t enough, Damon Hill also answers a couple more of your questions in Ask Damon. To have your question answered on the show, send a voice note to [email protected]

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One F1 fan comment on “F1 Nation: Belgian F1 GP review podcast

  1. Paul

    Can't help it but Mr Clarkson is more and more like that other oaf Clarkson, full of himself. To berate Mr Vettel the moment he witnessed a rather major crash isn't, decent.

    There are times when journalism needle people just to get a reaction. Well, you got one now: This is the last time, won't be tuning in again. Guess your sponsors don't care how low people go when advertisers don't care either.


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