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Nino Farina information & statistics

Nino Farina F1 statistics:

Race Starts33
Drivers' Titles1
Fastest Laps4

Championship Results

Nino Farina F1 Championship Results

YearTeamEngineRaces1st2nd3rdPodiumsPolesLapsFastestAvg PtsPoints
1955 Italy Ferrari Ferrari40123024902.5810.33
1954 Italy Ferrari Ferrari20101110103.006
1953 Italy Ferrari Ferrari81315036804.0032
1952 Italy Ferrari Ferrari80404244903.3827
1951 Italy Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo81034038922.7522
1950 Italy Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo63003228225.0030

Race Results

Nino Farina F1 GP Race Results

3719551955 Italian Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari5DNSTire0
3619551955 Belgian Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari434
3519551955 Monaco Grand Prix result42FerrariFerrari1443
3419551955 Argentine Grand Prix result10FerrariFerrari531.33
3319551955 Argentine Grand Prix result12FerrariFerrari022
3219541954 Belgian Grand Prix result4FerrariFerrari3RetIgnition0
3119541954 Argentine Grand Prix result10FerrariFerrari126
3019531953 Italian Grand Prix result6FerrariFerrari32No Time6
2919531953 Swiss Grand Prix result24FerrariFerrari326
2819531953 German Grand Prix result12FerrariFerrari318
2719531953 British Grand Prix result6FerrariFerrari534
2619531953 French Grand Prix result14FerrariFerrari652
2519531953 Belgian Grand Prix result12FerrariFerrari4RetEngine0
2419531953 Dutch Grand Prix result6FerrariFerrari326
2319531953 Argentine Grand Prix result12FerrariFerrari4RetAccident0
2219521952 Italian Grand Prix result10FerrariFerrari343
2119521952 Dutch Grand Prix result4FerrariFerrari226
2019521952 German Grand Prix result102FerrariFerrari226
1919521952 British Grand Prix result16FerrariFerrari160
1819521952 French Grand Prix result10FerrariFerrari226
1719521952 Belgian Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari226
1619521952 Swiss Grand Prix result32FerrariFerrari4RetMagneto0
1519521952 Swiss Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari1RetMagneto0
1419511951 Spanish Grand Prix result20Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo43No Time4
1319511951 Italian Grand Prix result40Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo733
1219511951 Italian Grand Prix result34Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo2RetEngine0
1119511951 German Grand Prix result76Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo4RetOverheating0
1019511951 British Grand Prix result1Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo3RetClutch1
919511951 French Grand Prix result2Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo252
819511951 Belgian Grand Prix result4Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo218
719511951 Swiss Grand Prix result22Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo234
619501950 Italian Grand Prix result10Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo318
519501950 French Grand Prix result2Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo27Fuel Pump0
419501950 Belgian Grand Prix result8Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo144
319501950 Swiss Grand Prix result16Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo219
219501950 Monaco Grand Prix result32Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo2RetAccident0
119501950 British Grand Prix result2Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo119

Pole Positions

Nino Farina F1 Pole Positions

519541954 Argentine Grand Prix result10FerrariFerrari126
419521952 British Grand Prix result16FerrariFerrari160
319521952 Swiss Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari1RetMagneto0
219501950 Belgian Grand Prix result8Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo144
119501950 British Grand Prix result2Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo119

Teammate Comparison

Nino Farina Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1950Alfa RomeoConsalvo Sanesi1238010001010
Juan Manuel Fangio11382743244334
Luigi Fagioli12302830204260
Piero Taruffi1138010001010
Reg Parnell139410101010
1951Alfa RomeoConsalvo Sanesi1415310003140
Felice Bonetto338900001340
Juan Manuel Fangio11243713053618
Luigi Fagioli514401001120
Paul Pietsch18160000000110
Toulo de Graffenried3511200004040
1952FerrariAlberto Ascari212753.506150615
André Simon463000101120
Charles de Tornaco2715000003030
Franco Comotti2126000001010
Hans Von Stuck4333000001010
Louis Rosier21015000105050
Luigi Villoresi239800001111
Peter Hirt276000202240
Peter Whitehead4103000102020
Piero Carini22012000002020
Piero Taruffi21213102204361
Roger Laurent266000001010
Roy Salvadori680000101010
Rudi Fischer22151600204260
Rudolf Schoeller2216000001010
1953FerrariAlberto Ascari114046.525063618
Jacques Swaters1714010002020
Kurt Adolff1288010001010
Louis Rosier1732010006170
Luigi Villoresi12401720007272
Max de Terra286000001010
Mike Hawthorn11322711005371
Peter Hirt2176000001010
Piero Carini2246000001010
Umberto Maglioli286000001010
1954FerrariJacques Swaters8130000001010
José Froilán González2366.500102121
Louis Rosier2166000101010
Maurice Trintignant226900101120
Mike Hawthorn2461.500101120
Umberto Maglioli296000101010
1955FerrariEugenio Castellotti2130400000101
Harry Schell3127000002020
José Froilán González223.33400020102
Luigi Villoresi21220000000010
Maurice Trintignant2116.9914.6601004343
Mike Hawthorn21100000000110
Paul Frère347300002020
Piero Taruffi387000002020
Umberto Maglioli233.332.6600001111

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