He raced for some of Formula One’s top teams, including McLaren and Renault, but Patrick Tambay is probably best remembered as a Ferrari driver. Having arrived in F1 via the circuitous route of downhill skiing, the US college system and the North American CanAm series, Tambay ended up driving for the Prancing Horse after the death of close friend Gilles Villeneuve. He then helped carry the team through one of its most tumultuous periods, famously providing spirit-lifting victories in Germany and San Marino.

This week on Beyond The Grid the amiable Frenchman talks us through his memorable career, regaling Tom with anecdotes of partying with former team mate James Hunt, Villeneuve’s madcap antics off-track and that turbulent Ferrari period…

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2 F1 Fan comments on “Patrick Tambay 2019 Beyond the Grid interview

  1. Derek Gullon

    He was and still is an incredible Role model, please let Patrick know he is not forgotten. I remember being curled up in the living room beside the piano in tears when my hero died at Zolder, but was, I don't know if 'happy' is the correct word... let's say pleased, that Patrick was taking his seat.

    I too will be looking for his book. Thank you Patrick. All the best.


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