Ivan Capelli is probably most familiar to F1 fans for driving that iconic ‘Miami blue’ Leyton House March car in the late 1980s. It was for that underdog team that he scored three podiums, worked with a young and innovative designer by the name of Adrian Newey and caught the eye of Ferrari.

As an Italian, a move to Maranello was a dream come true, but it soon turned into a nightmare that lasted less than a year. In a feature-length and highly engaging conversation, Ivan discusses all of the above and more – with wonderful anecdotes on Newey, Ken Tyrrell, Jean Alesi and more…

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One F1 fan comment on “Ivan Capelli 2021 Beyond the Grid interview

  1. Ian Clark

    What a truly fantastic chat with Ivan Capelli. I had a friend at Leyton House in the early 90s and was very lucky to be invited to attend a test day at Silverstone. Ivan was driving and between engine software updates from the US, (very slow internet speed in those days) he stood under the canvas canopy, eating bacon butties, and chatted. It was amazing. And then at lunchtime he took everyone to a local pub for lunch. It was just one of those great days and Ivan was so welcoming and a true gent, which also came across in the podcast. Please don’t dare to stop the podcast - I listen to lots and this is the best.


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