Michael Schumacher. Jenson Button. Jacques Villeneuve. Colin McRae. Sebastian Loeb. The list of elite racing drivers David Richards has led is long and legendary. As an F1 Team Principal in the 2000s, he, Button and the BAR team challenged Ferrari for race wins. David tasted podium champagne, but the bottle never had ‘1st’ printed on it.

Not so in the World Rally Championship and at Le Mans, where his teams and drivers have won a multitude of titles. David tells Tom Clarkson the story of his incredible life in motorsport: success in rallying, decades in F1 with Benetton, BAR and Honda, and he remembers the behind the scenes negotiations to bring his own company, Prodrive, onto the grid. Plus, desert racing with Sebastian Loeb, Extreme E with Lewis Hamilton’s team and his ongoing work to make motorsport more inclusive and sustainable as chair of Motorsport UK.

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