Jul.5 - Haas has been ordered to send one of the Formula 1 cars Nikita Mazepin raced in 2021 to the similarly-axed former team title sponsor Uralkali.

Recently, Uralkali and Haas exchanged their conflicting reactions to a Swiss arbitration court ruling, after the Russian fertiliser company attempted to have sponsorship money returned by Haas.

Both Mazepin and his sponsor were ousted by Haas at the beginning of 2022, at the very beginning of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

And now, the Tass news agency claims that part of the full decision by the Swiss arbitration court involved not only the return of sponsorship money, but the transfer of a full 2021 Haas car.

"Uralkali hopes that Haas will comply with the tribunal's decision and return the racing car within the established time frame, and also pay the outstanding debt as soon as possible," a spokesman for Uralkali confirmed.

The media report added that Uralkali has sent Haas a letter to explain where the 2021 Haas should be delivered by the deadline of July 13.

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3 F1 Fan comments on “Swiss Court Rules: Haas Team Must Return Mazepin's F1 Car

  1. Jere Jyrälä

    What a requirement. One 2021-spec car (or effectively a detuned 2020 machinery) is to be relinquished only to switch warehouse locations.

  2. Scott

    Surely it's going to be pretty easy to find a US trade restriction that prevents sending intellectual property to Russian scum bags right now.

  3. shroppyfly

    Minus the Ferrari engine anyway as they are only leased to the teams (I think) so no big deal an out of date rolling chassis, useless to Haas and useless to them


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