Nikita Mazepin News

Mazepin’s F1 Battle: European Council vs The Court of Justice

Sep.19 – The EU’s European Council is still trying to thwart the Formula 1 aspirations of axed Haas racer Nikita Mazepin. Haas..

19 Sep 2023

Mazepin may not be free to return to F1 according lawyer

Aug.2 – Nikita Mazepin is not necessarily free to start negotiating his return to Formula 1. That is the view of prominent Russian..

2 Aug 2023

Mazepin’s Legal Win: Racing Reinstated in Formula 1 Circuits

Aug.1 – A top European court has confirmed that sacked Nikita Mazepin is now free to race in Formula 1. Earlier this year, the same..

1 Aug 2023

Mazepin’s uncertain future: Will he make a remarkable F1 comeback?

Jun.17 – Nikita Mazepin says it would not be the end of the world if he is unable to return to Formula 1. The Russian was ousted from..

17 Jun 2023

Russian motorsport official claims FIA’s treatment of Russian drivers is “illegal”

Jun.15 – One of Russia’s most influential motorsport officials thinks the FIA’s stance about Russian drivers could be..

15 Jun 2023

Nikita Mazepin’s Formula 1 comeback hopes hit by UK court setback

Jun.9 – Nikita Mazepin’s quest to return to Formula 1 has been dealt a fresh blow by London’s High Court. The ousted Haas..

9 Jun 2023

Mazepin targets F1 return in 2024 amid legal battles

May 5 – Nikita Mazepin is aiming to return to Formula 1 as soon as 2024, according to his spokesperson. This week, it emerged that..

5 May 2023

Ousted F1 Driver Nikita Mazepin Continues Legal Battle for Racing Return

May 4 – Hot on the heels of legal action in Europe and Canada, Nikita Mazepin is now taking his fight to return to Formula 1 to..

4 May 2023

Mazepin’s Legal Battle to Return to F1 Continues Amid Sanctions

Apr.26 – Nikita Mazepin says he will continue to take legal action until he is fully able to return to Formula 1. The 24-year-old and..

26 Apr 2023

Nikita Mazepin’s fight to return to F1 takes him to Canada

Apr.24 – Nikita Mazepin is taking his fight for the right to return to Formula 1 to Canada. Recently, having been ousted by Haas and..

24 Apr 2023

Unstoppable Mazepins: Ousted duo plotting bold F1 Return?

Mar.30 – Yet another group is reportedly looking to enter a team into Formula 1 in the near future. Andretti-Cadillac and Craig..

30 Mar 2023

Russian F1 drivers remain under FIA’s scrutiny despite court win

Mar.15 – The FIA appears unlikely to drop its special conditions for Russian racing drivers any time soon. Ever since the outbreak of..

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15 Mar 2023

Landmark ruling allows Nikita Mazepin to negotiate with F1 teams

Mar.4 – Nikita Mazepin has set an “example” by fighting for his right as a Russian citizen to race in Formula 1. That is..

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4 Mar 2023

Court gives green light for Mazepin’s F1 return

Mar.3 – Nikita Mazepin has been given the green light by Europe’s court of justice to return to Formula 1. At the outbreak of..

3 Mar 2023

FIA introduces new measures for Russian drivers in F1

Feb.14 – As Nikita Mazepin secured a podium on his return to top-level circuit motor racing, the FIA has announced new measures..

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14 Feb 2023

Russian F1 ex-drivers make return to international racing competition

Feb.3 – Two Russian former Formula 1 drivers are returning to international-level competition in 2023. Having been ousted by Haas at..

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3 Feb 2023

First Russian F1 driver calls for return of Russia to world sport

Jan.19 – Russia’s first Formula 1 driver has blasted the sport for interfering with the professional careers of Russian..

19 Jan 2023

Mazepin preparing for motor racing return

Dec.12 – Nikita Mazepin could be preparing for his return to circuit-based premier motor racing in February. The Russian, ousted by..

12 Dec 2022

Mazepin rules out future Haas F1 team return

Sep.21 – Nikita Mazepin says he would not return to Formula 1 with the Haas team. The American team’s boss Gunther Steiner..

21 Sep 2022

Mazepin will not renounce his home country for F1 return

Sep.19 – Nikita Mazepin insists he will not return to Formula 1 if it means denouncing Russia. A renewed controversy surrounding the..

19 Sep 2022

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