1995 F1 Championship Results

1995 F1 World Championship
RaceDateWinning DriverTeamLapsTime
Brazilian Grand Prix result26 MarchGermany Michael Schumacher
Italy Benetton7101:38:34.154
Argentine Grand Prix result9 AprilUnited Kingdom Damon Hill
United Kingdom Williams7201:53:14.532
San Marino Grand Prix result30 AprilUnited Kingdom Damon Hill
United Kingdom Williams6301:41:42.522
Spanish Grand Prix result14 MayGermany Michael Schumacher
Italy Benetton6501:34:20.507
Monaco Grand Prix result28 MayGermany Michael Schumacher
Italy Benetton7801:53:11.258
Canadian Grand Prix result11 JuneFrance Jean Alesi
Italy Ferrari6801:44:54.171
French Grand Prix result2 JulyGermany Michael Schumacher
Italy Benetton7201:38:28.429
British Grand Prix result16 JulyUnited Kingdom Johnny Herbert
Italy Benetton6101:34:35.093
German Grand Prix result30 JulyGermany Michael Schumacher
Italy Benetton4501:22:56.043
Hungarian Grand Prix result13 AugustUnited Kingdom Damon Hill
United Kingdom Williams7701:46:25.721
Belgian Grand Prix result27 AugustGermany Michael Schumacher
Italy Benetton4401:36:47.875
Italian Grand Prix result10 SeptemberUnited Kingdom Johnny Herbert
Italy Benetton5301:18:27.916
Portuguese Grand Prix result24 SeptemberUnited Kingdom David Coulthard
United Kingdom Williams7101:41:52.145
European Grand Prix result1 OctoberGermany Michael Schumacher
Italy Benetton6701:39:59.044
Pacific Grand Prix result22 OctoberGermany Michael Schumacher
Italy Benetton8301:48:49.972
Japanese Grand Prix result29 OctoberGermany Michael Schumacher
Italy Benetton5301:36:52.930
Australian Grand Prix result12 NovemberUnited Kingdom Damon Hill
United Kingdom Williams8101:49:15.946

1995 Formula 1 Drivers Championship Table

1Germany Michael Schumacher13Ret1151Ret1111Ret2111Ret102
2United Kingdom Damon HillRet1142Ret2RetRet12Ret3Ret3Ret169
3United Kingdom David Coulthard2Ret4RetRetRet3322RetRet132RetRet49
4United Kingdom Johnny HerbertRet4724RetRet144717563Ret45
5France Jean Alesi522RetRet152RetRetRetRet525RetRet42
6Austria Gerhard Berger363331112Ret33RetRet4Ret4RetRet31
7Finland Mika Häkkinen4Ret5RetRetRet7RetRetRetRet2Ret8 2DNS17
8France Olivier PanisRet796Ret484Ret69RetRetRet85216
9Germany Heinz-Harald FrentzenRet5686Ret106Ret5436Ret78Ret15
10United Kingdom Mark Blundell6Ret  5Ret115RetRet549Ret97413
11Brazil Rubens BarrichelloRetRetRet7Ret2611Ret76Ret114RetRetRet11
12United Kingdom Eddie IrvineRetRet85Ret39Ret9RetRetRet106114Ret10
13United Kingdom Martin Brundle   9Ret104Ret Ret3Ret87  Ret7
14Italy Gianni MorbidelliRetRet13119614       RetRet35
15Finland Mika Salo7RetRet10Ret7158RetRet85131012655
16France Jean-Christophe Boullion    8RetRet951011612RetRet  3
17Japan Aguri Suzuki8Ret11     6     RetDNS 1
18Portugal Pedro Lamy         910RetRet9131161
19Italy Pierluigi MartiniRetRet12147RetRet7Ret        0
20Japan Ukyo KatayamaRet8RetRetRetRetRetRet7RetRet10Ret 14RetRet0
21Brazil Pedro Diniz10NCNCRet10RetRetRetRetRet139161317Ret70
22Italy Massimiliano Papis       RetRetRetRet7Ret12   0
23Italy Luca BadoerRetDNS14RetRet81310Ret8RetRet1411159DNS0
24Japan Taki InoueRetRetRetRetRet9RetRetRetRet12815RetRet12Ret0
25Italy Andrea Montermini9RetRetDNSDSQRetNCRet812RetRetRetRetRetRetRet0
26France Bertrand GachotRetRetRetRetRetRetRet12      RetRet80
27Italy Domenico SchiattarellaRet9Ret15DNS            0
28Austria Karl WendlingerRetRetRet13           10Ret0
29United Kingdom Nigel Mansell  10Ret             0
30Denmark Jan Magnussen              10  0
31Netherlands Jos VerstappenRetRetRet12DNS            0
32Brazil Roberto MorenoRetNCNCRetRetRet16RetRetRet14Ret17Ret16RetRet0
33Italy Gabriele Tarquini             14   0
34Switzerland Jean-Denis Délétraz            Ret15   0
35Italy Giovanni Lavaggi        RetRetRetRet     0

1995 F1 Drivers Statistics Table

Germany Michael Schumacher1791111496580102
United Kingdom Damon Hill17432979534069
United Kingdom Johnny Herbert17211409250045
United Kingdom David Coulthard17143857812049
France Jean Alesi17140508421042
Austria Gerhard Berger17006619152031
France Olivier Panis17010108490016
Germany Heinz-Harald Frentzen17001109040015
Brazil Rubens Barrichello17010108230011
United Kingdom Eddie Irvine17001108130010
Finland Mika Salo1700000956005
Japan Taki Inoue1700000541000
Brazil Roberto Moreno1700000645000
Brazil Pedro Diniz1700000757000
Japan Ukyo Katayama1600000580000
Italy Andrea Montermini1600000462000
Finland Mika Häkkinen15020205360017
United Kingdom Mark Blundell15000007980013
Italy Luca Badoer1500000806000
United Kingdom Martin Brundle1100110539007
France Jean-Christophe Boullion1100000535003
France Bertrand Gachot1100000346000
Italy Gianni Morbidelli1000110579005
Italy Pierluigi Martini900000395000
Portugal Pedro Lamy800000398001
Italy Massimiliano Papis700000209000
Austria Karl Wendlinger600000206000
Japan Aguri Suzuki500000230001
Netherlands Jos Verstappen400000116000
Italy Domenico Schiattarella400000176000
Italy Giovanni Lavaggi40000065000
United Kingdom Nigel Mansell20000079000
Switzerland Jean-Denis Délétraz20000074000
Italy Gabriele Tarquini10000061000
Denmark Jan Magnussen10000081000

1995 Formula 1 Constructors Championship Table

1Italy Benetton113Ret1151Ret1111Ret2111Ret147
2United Kingdom Williams5Ret1142Ret2RetRet12Ret3Ret3Ret1118
3Italy Ferrari27522RetRet152RetRetRetRet525RetRet73
4United Kingdom McLaren76Ret10Ret5Ret115RetRet549Ret97430
5France Ligier258Ret119Ret104Ret6Ret3Ret87RetDNSRet24
6Ireland Jordan14RetRetRet7Ret2611Ret76Ret114RetRetRet21
7Switzerland Sauber29RetRetRet138RetRet951011612RetRet10Ret18
8United Kingdom Footwork9RetRet13119614RetRetRetRet7Ret12RetRet35
9United Kingdom Tyrrell3Ret8RetRetRetRetRetRet7RetRet10Ret1414RetRet5
10Italy Minardi23RetRet12147RetRet7Ret910RetRet9131161
11Italy Forti2110NCNCRet10RetRetRetRetRet139161317Ret70
12United Kingdom Pacific16RetRetRetRetRetRetRet12RetRetRetRetRet15RetRet80
13United Kingdom Simtek11Ret9Ret15DNS            0

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