1951 F1 Championship Results

The F1 Calendar of the 1951 Formula 1 season only had 8 races.

1951 F1 World Championship
RaceDateWinning DriverTeamLapsTime
Swiss Grand Prix resultMay 27Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio
Italy Alfa Romeo4202:07:53.640
Indianapolis 500 resultMay 30United States Lee Wallard
United States Kurtis Kraft20003:57:38.050
Belgian Grand Prix resultJune 17Italy Nino Farina
Italy Alfa Romeo3602:45:46.200
French Grand Prix resultJuly 1Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio
Italy Alfa Romeo7703:22:11.000
French Grand Prix resultJuly 1Italy Luigi Fagioli
Italy Alfa Romeo7703:22:11.000
British Grand Prix resultJuly 14Argentina José Froilán González
Italy Ferrari9002:42:18.200
German Grand Prix resultJuly 29Italy Alberto Ascari
Italy Ferrari2003:23:03.300
Italian Grand Prix resultSeptember 16Italy Alberto Ascari
Italy Ferrari8002:42:39.300
Spanish Grand Prix resultOctober 28Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio
Italy Alfa Romeo7002:46:54.100

The Drivers Championship was won by Juan Manuel Fangio. He won 3 out of 8 Formula 1 Grand Prix.

1951 Formula 1 Drivers Championship Table

1Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio1 9122Ret131 (37)
2Italy Alberto Ascari6 22Ret11425 (28)
3Argentina José Froilán GonzálezRet  2132224 (27)
4Italy Nino Farina3 15RetRet3319 (22)
5Italy Luigi VilloresiRet 33344Ret15 (18)
6Italy Piero Taruffi2 Ret  55Ret10
7United States Lee Wallard 1      9
8Italy Felice Bonetto    4Ret357
9United States Mike Nazaruk 2      6
10United Kingdom Reg Parnell   45 DNS 5
11Italy Luigi Fagioli   1    4
12Italy Consalvo Sanesi4 Ret106   3
13France Louis Rosier9 4Ret108773
14United States Andy Linden 4      3
15United States Jack McGrath 3      2
16United States Manny Ayulo 3      2
17Switzerland Toulo de Graffenried5  Ret RetRet62
18France Yves Giraud CabantousRet 57 Ret8Ret2
19United States Bobby Ball 5      2
20Monaco Louis Chiron7 Ret6RetRetRetRet0
21Switzerland Rudi Fischer11    6  0
22France André Simon   Ret Ret6Ret0
23United States Henry Banks 6      0
24Belgium André Pilette  6     0
25France Robert Manzon   Ret 7Ret90
26Belgium Johnny Claes13 7Ret1311RetRet0
27United States Carl Forberg 7      0
28United Kingdom Peter Walker    7   0
29France Pierre Levegh  8  9Ret 0
30France Philippe Étancelin10 RetRet Ret 80
31United Kingdom Stirling Moss8       0
32United States Duane Carter 8      0
33France Eugène Chaboud   8    0
34United Kingdom Brian Shawe Taylor    8   0
35France Guy Mairesse14  9    0
36United Kingdom Peter WhiteheadRet  Ret9 Ret 0
37United States Tony Bettenhausen 9      0
38Italy Franco Rol      9 0
39Belgium Jacques Swaters     10Ret 0
40United States Duke Nalon 10      0
41Spain Paco Godia       100
42United States Gene Force 11      0
43United Kingdom Bob Gerard    11   0
44United Kingdom Duncan Hamilton    12Ret  0
45United States Harry Schell12  Ret    0
46United States Sam Hanks 12      0
47United States Bill Schindler 13      0
48United States Mauri Rose 14      0
49United States Walt Faulkner 15      0
50United States Jimmy Davies 16      0
51United States Fred Agabashian 17      0
52United States Carl Scarborough 18      0
53United States Bill Mackey 19      0
54United States Chuck Stevenson 20      0
55United States Johnnie Parsons 21      0
56United States Cecil Green 22      0
57United States Troy Ruttman 23      0
58United States Duke Dinsmore 24      0
59United States Chet Miller 25      0
60United States Walt Brown 26      0
61United States Rodger Ward 27      0
62United States Cliff Griffith 28      0
63United States Bill Vukovich 29      0
64United States George Connor 30      0
65United States Mack Hellings 31      0
66United States Johnny McDowell 32      0
67United States Joe James 33      0
68France Maurice Trintignant   Ret RetRetRet0
69France Aldo Gordini   Ret    0
70Ireland Joe Kelly    Ret   0
71France Henri LouveauRet       0
72Germany Paul Pietsch     Ret  0
73France Georges Grignard       Ret0
74United Kingdom George AbecassisRet       0
75United Kingdom Philip Fotheringham-Parker    Ret   0
76United Kingdom David Murray    Ret   0
77Thailand Prince Bira       Ret0
78United Kingdom John James    Ret   0
79Brazil Chico Landi      Ret 0
80Spain Juan Jover       Ret0
81Switzerland Peter HirtRet       0
82Argentina Onofre Marimón   Ret    0
83Switzerland Toni Branca     Ret  0
84United Kingdom Ken Richardson      DNS 0

The constructor championship did not exist until 1958.

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