1951 F1 Teams & Drivers Overview

Alberto Ascari with thropy

Piero Taruffi & Alberto Ascari (right)

1951 Formula 1 Entry List

Below you can find the overview of all drivers & teams that participated in the 1951 F1 season to run for the second Formula 1 title in the drivers championship.

You can click on each driver and team to check out their dedicated page with all the statistics about them.

You can click on each driver and team to check out their dedicated page with all the statistics about them.

Formula One 1951 F1 World Championship
1United States Henry BanksMooreOffenhauser
2United States Walt FaulknerKuzmaOffenhauser
2Italy Alberto AscariFerrariFerrari
3Italy Consalvo SanesiAlfa RomeoAlfa Romeo
3United States Johnnie ParsonsKurtis KraftOffenhauser
4Italy Luigi VilloresiFerrariFerrari
4United States Cecil GreenKurtis KraftOffenhauser
5United States Tony BettenhausenDeidtOffenhauser
5Ireland Joe KellyAltaAlta
6United States Duke DinsmoreSchroederOffenhauser
6Argentina José Froilán GonzálezFerrariFerrari
7United Kingdom Peter WalkerBRMBRM
8United States Chuck StevensonMarcheseOffenhauser
8Italy Luigi FagioliAlfa RomeoAlfa Romeo
8United Kingdom Bob GerardERAERA
8Italy Piero TaruffiFerrariFerrari
9United States Jack McGrathKurtis KraftOffenhauser
9United Kingdom Brian Shawe TaylorERAERA
9United States Manny AyuloKurtis KraftOffenhauser
10United States Bill SchindlerKurtis KraftOffenhauser
10France Henri LouveauTalbot-LagoTalbot
12United States Johnny McDowellMaseratiOffenhauser
12France Maurice TrintignantSimcaGordini
12United Kingdom George AbecassisHWMAlta
12Brazil Chico LandiFerrariFerrari
14United Kingdom Stirling MossHWMAlta
14France Robert ManzonSimcaGordini
15United Kingdom David MurrayMaseratiMaserati
16United Kingdom Peter WhiteheadFerrariFerrari
16United Kingdom John JamesMaseratiMaserati
16France André SimonSimcaGordini
16United States Mauri RoseDeidtOffenhauser
17United Kingdom Philip Fotheringham-ParkerMaseratiMaserati
18United States Duke NalonKurtis KraftNovi
18Thailand Prince BiraMaseratiOsca
19United States Mack HellingsDeidtOffenhauser
20United States Harry SchellMaseratiMaserati
20Italy Nino FarinaAlfa RomeoAlfa Romeo
22Argentina Juan Manuel FangioAlfa RomeoAlfa Romeo
22United States George ConnorLesovskyOffenhauser
22France Pierre LeveghTalbot-LagoTalbot
23United States Cliff GriffithKurtis KraftOffenhauser
24Belgium André PiletteTalbot-LagoTalbot
24Italy Felice BonettoAlfa RomeoAlfa Romeo
25United States Sam HanksKurtis KraftOffenhauser
26Switzerland Toulo de GraffenriedAlfa RomeoAlfa Romeo
26United States Joe JamesWatsonOffenhauser
27United States Duane CarterDeidtOffenhauser
28France Louis RosierTalbot-LagoTalbot
28Belgium Jacques SwatersTalbot-LagoTalbot
30Monaco Louis ChironTalbot-LagoTalbot
30United Kingdom Reg ParnellBRMBRM
32France Yves Giraud CabantousTalbot-LagoTalbot
32United States Chet MillerKurtis KraftNovi
32United Kingdom Ken RichardsonBRMBRM
34France Philippe ÉtancelinTalbot-LagoTalbot
36Belgium Johnny ClaesTalbot-LagoTalbot
36France Aldo GordiniSimcaGordini
38France Georges GrignardTalbot-LagoTalbot
44Spain Paco GodiaMaseratiMaserati
44France Eugène ChaboudTalbot-LagoTalbot
44United States Walt BrownKurtis KraftOffenhauser
44Italy Franco RolOscaOsca
46Spain Juan JoverMaseratiMaserati
48France Guy MairesseTalbot-LagoTalbot
48United States Rodger WardBrommeOffenhauser
50Argentina Onofre MarimónMaseratiMilano
52United States Bobby BallSchroederOffenhauser
52Switzerland Peter HirtVeritasVeritas
57United States Andy LindenShermanOffenhauser
59United States Fred AgabashianKurtis KraftOffenhauser
68United States Carl ForbergKurtis KraftOffenhauser
69United States Gene ForceKurtis KraftOffenhauser
71United States Bill MackeyHallOffenhauser
73United States Carl ScarboroughKurtis KraftOffenhauser
76United States Jimmy DaviesPawlOffenhauser
78Germany Paul PietschAlfa RomeoAlfa Romeo
81United States Bill VukovichTrevisOffenhauser
83United States Mike NazarukKurtis KraftOffenhauser
88United Kingdom Duncan HamiltonTalbot-LagoTalbot
91Switzerland Rudi FischerFerrariFerrari
92Switzerland Toni BrancaMaseratiMaserati
98United States Troy RuttmanKurtis KraftOffenhauser
99United States Lee WallardKurtis KraftOffenhauser
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