Alexander Wurz information & statistics

Alexander Wurz

NameAlexander Wurz
CountryAustria Austria
Place of BirthWaidhofen an der Thaya
Date of BirthFeb 15th 1974 - 43 years old
First RaceJun 15th 1997 Canadian Grand Prix result
Last RaceOct 7th 2007 Chinese Grand Prix result
Best Qualifying5th - (4 times)
Best Result3rd - (3 times)
First PodiumJul 13th 1997 British Grand Prix result
Last PodiumJun 10th 2007 Canadian Grand Prix result

Wurz F1 statistics:

Drivers' Titles0
Fastest Laps1

Championship Results

Alexander Wurz F1 Championship Results

YearTeamEngineRaces1st2nd3rdPodiumsPolesLapsFastestAvg PtsPoints
2007 United Kingdom Williams Toyota160011085400.8113
2005 United Kingdom McLaren Mercedes1001106206.006
2000 Italy Benetton Playlife170000086800.122
1999 Italy Benetton Playlife160000068500.193
1998 Italy Benetton Playlife160000084811.0617
1997 Italy Benetton Renault30011015401.334

Race Results

Alexander Wurz F1 GP Race Results

24720082008 Brazilian Grand Prix result9Red BullRenault14RetCollision0
24620082008 Chinese Grand Prix result9Red BullRenault15100
24520082008 Japanese Grand Prix result9Red BullRenault11RetCollision0
24420082008 Singapore Grand Prix result9Red BullRenault1472
24320082008 Italian Grand Prix result9Red BullRenault13160
24220082008 Belgian Grand Prix result9Red BullRenault14110
24120082008 European Grand Prix result9Red BullRenault17170
24020082008 Hungarian Grand Prix result9Red BullRenault13110
23920082008 German Grand Prix result9Red BullRenault10130
23820082008 British Grand Prix result9Red BullRenault11RetCollision0
23720082008 French Grand Prix result9Red BullRenault790
23620082008 Canadian Grand Prix result9Red BullRenault1336
23520082008 Monaco Grand Prix result9Red BullRenault15RetAccident0
23420082008 Turkish Grand Prix result9Red BullRenault1090
23320082008 Spanish Grand Prix result9Red BullRenault17120
23220082008 Bahrain Grand Prix result9Red BullRenault17180
23120082008 Malaysian Grand Prix result9Red BullRenault1290
23020082008 Australian Grand Prix result9Red BullRenault8RetCollision0
22920072007 Brazilian Grand Prix result14Red BullRenault990
22820072007 Chinese Grand Prix result14Red BullRenault581
22720072007 Japanese Grand Prix result14Red BullRenault1245
22620072007 Belgian Grand Prix result14Red BullRenault11RetHydraulics0
22520072007 Italian Grand Prix result14Red BullRenault20RetAccident0
22420072007 Turkish Grand Prix result14Red BullRenault13100
22320072007 Hungarian Grand Prix result14Red BullRenault10110
22220072007 European Grand Prix result14Red BullRenault2054
22120072007 British Grand Prix result14Red BullRenault12110
22020072007 French Grand Prix result14Red BullRenault16130
21920072007 United States Grand Prix result14Red BullRenault11RetCollision0
21820072007 Canadian Grand Prix result14Red BullRenault14RetGearbox0
21720072007 Monaco Grand Prix result14Red BullRenault13140
21620072007 Spanish Grand Prix result14Red BullRenault954
21520072007 Bahrain Grand Prix result14Red BullRenault21RetDriveshaft0
21420072007 Malaysian Grand Prix result10Red BullRenault13RetBrakes0
21320072007 Australian Grand Prix result14Red BullRenault18RetCollision0
21220062006 Brazilian Grand Prix result14Red BullFerrari18RetGearbox0
21120062006 Japanese Grand Prix result14Red BullFerrari17RetGearbox0
21020062006 Chinese Grand Prix result14Red BullFerrari1290
20920062006 Italian Grand Prix result14Red BullFerrari14120
20820062006 Turkish Grand Prix result14Red BullFerrari1615Gearbox0
20720062006 Hungarian Grand Prix result14Red BullFerrari1254
20620062006 German Grand Prix result14Red BullFerrari10110
20520062006 French Grand Prix result14Red BullFerrari990
20420062006 United States Grand Prix result14Red BullFerrari1772
20320062006 Canadian Grand Prix result14Red BullFerrari2281
20220062006 British Grand Prix result14Red BullFerrari11120
20120062006 Monaco Grand Prix result14Red BullFerrari736
20020062006 Spanish Grand Prix result14Red BullFerrari21140
19920062006 European Grand Prix result14Red BullFerrari12RetAccident damage0
19820062006 San Marino Grand Prix result14Red BullFerrari14RetDriveshaft0
19720062006 Australian Grand Prix result14Red BullFerrari1181
19620062006 Malaysian Grand Prix result14Red BullFerrari19RetHydraulics0
19520062006 Bahrain Grand Prix result14Red BullFerrari13100
19420052005 Chinese Grand Prix result14Red BullCosworth790
19320052005 Japanese Grand Prix result14Red BullCosworth663
19220052005 Brazilian Grand Prix result14Red BullCosworth14RetAccident0
19120052005 Belgian Grand Prix result14Red BullCosworth11RetEngine0
19020052005 Italian Grand Prix result14Red BullCosworth10150
18920052005 Turkish Grand Prix result14Red BullCosworth1272
18820052005 Hungarian Grand Prix result14Red BullCosworth13RetAccident0
18720052005 German Grand Prix result14Red BullCosworth1172
18620052005 British Grand Prix result14Red BullCosworth13130
18520052005 French Grand Prix result14Red BullCosworth15100
18420052005 United States Grand Prix result14Red BullCosworth16DNSWithdrew0
18320052005 Canadian Grand Prix result14Red BullCosworth1272
18220052005 European Grand Prix result14Red BullCosworth1245
18120052005 Monaco Grand Prix result14Red BullCosworth7RetAccident0
18020052005 Spanish Grand Prix result14Red BullCosworth981
17920052005 San Marino Grand Prix result14Red BullCosworth14110
17820052005 Bahrain Grand Prix result14Red BullCosworth1481
17720052005 Malaysian Grand Prix result14Red BullCosworth863
17620052005 Australian Grand Prix result14Red BullCosworth545
17520042004 Brazilian Grand Prix result5McLarenMercedes12110
17420042004 Japanese Grand Prix result5McLarenMercedes8RetCollision0
17320042004 Chinese Grand Prix result5McLarenMercedes990
17220042004 Italian Grand Prix result5McLarenMercedes1063
17120042004 Belgian Grand Prix result5McLarenMercedes472
17020042004 Hungarian Grand Prix result5McLarenMercedes1290
16920042004 German Grand Prix result5McLarenMercedes445
16820042004 British Grand Prix result5McLarenMercedes672
16720042004 French Grand Prix result5McLarenMercedes363
16620042004 United States Grand Prix result5McLarenMercedes1272
16520042004 Canadian Grand Prix result5McLarenMercedes963
16420042004 European Grand Prix result5McLarenMercedes18RetEngine0
16320042004 Monaco Grand Prix result5McLarenMercedes8RetCollision0
16220042004 Spanish Grand Prix result5McLarenMercedes10100
16120042004 San Marino Grand Prix result5McLarenMercedes11120
16020042004 Bahrain Grand Prix result5McLarenMercedes10RetPneumatics0
15920042004 Malaysian Grand Prix result5McLarenMercedes963
15820042004 Australian Grand Prix result5McLarenMercedes1281
15720032003 Japanese Grand Prix result5McLarenMercedes736
15620032003 United States Grand Prix result5McLarenMercedes8RetGearbox0
15520032003 Italian Grand Prix result5McLarenMercedes8RetFuel pressure0
15420032003 Hungarian Grand Prix result5McLarenMercedes954
15320032003 German Grand Prix result5McLarenMercedes1028
15220032003 British Grand Prix result5McLarenMercedes1254
15120032003 French Grand Prix result5McLarenMercedes554
15020032003 European Grand Prix result5McLarenMercedes9150
14920032003 Canadian Grand Prix result5McLarenMercedes11RetGearbox0
14820032003 Monaco Grand Prix result5McLarenMercedes672
14720032003 Austrian Grand Prix result5McLarenMercedes1454
14620032003 Spanish Grand Prix result5McLarenMercedes8RetCollision0
14520032003 San Marino Grand Prix result5McLarenMercedes1254
14420032003 Brazilian Grand Prix result5McLarenMercedes245
14320032003 Malaysian Grand Prix result5McLarenMercedes4RetElectrical0
14220032003 Australian Grand Prix result5McLarenMercedes11110
14120022002 Japanese Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes3RetThrottle0
14020022002 United States Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes334
13920022002 Italian Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes770
13820022002 Belgian Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes643
13720022002 Hungarian Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes1052
13620022002 German Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes952
13520022002 French Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes634
13420022002 British Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes6100
13320022002 European Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes5RetCollision0
13220022002 Canadian Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes826
13120022002 Monaco Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes2110
13020022002 Austrian Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes861
12920022002 Spanish Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes734
12820022002 San Marino Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes661
12720022002 Brazilian Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes434
12620022002 Malaysian Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes6RetEngine0
12520022002 Australian Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes4RetGearbox0
12420012001 Japanese Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes734
12320012001 United States Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes734
12220012001 Italian Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes6RetEngine0
12120012001 Belgian Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes926
12020012001 Hungarian Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes234
11920012001 German Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes5RetEngine0
11820012001 British Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes3RetSuspension0
11720012001 French Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes343
11620012001 European Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes534
11520012001 Canadian Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes3RetEngine0
11420012001 Monaco Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes152
11320012001 Austrian Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes7110
11220012001 Spanish Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes352
11120012001 San Marino Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes126
11020012001 Brazilian Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes5110
10920012001 Malaysian Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes834
10820012001 Australian Grand Prix result4McLarenMercedes626
10720002000 Malaysian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes326
10620002000 Japanese Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes334
10520002000 United States Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes252
10420002000 Italian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes5RetCollision0
10320002000 Belgian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes543
10220002000 Hungarian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes234
10120002000 German Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes134
10020002000 Austrian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes226
9920002000 French Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes2110
9820002000 Canadian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes270
9720002000 Monaco Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes3110
9620002000 European Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes134
9520002000 Spanish Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes426
9420002000 British Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes4110
9320002000 San Marino Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes334
9220002000 Brazilian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes2DSQDisqualified (+4.302)0
9120002000 Australian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes2RetEngine0
9019991999 Japanese Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes3RetHydraulics0
8919991999 Malaysian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes3RetFuel pressure0
8819991999 European Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes2RetSpun off0
8719991999 Italian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes352
8619991999 Belgian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes2110
8519991999 Hungarian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes326
8419991999 German Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes352
8319991999 Austrian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes226
8219991999 British Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes3110
8119991999 French Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes4RetElectrical0
8019991999 Canadian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes470
7919991999 Spanish Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes326
7819991999 Monaco Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes3RetGearbox0
7719991999 San Marino Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes226
7619991999 Brazilian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes2RetGearbox0
7519991999 Australian Grand Prix result2McLarenMercedes2RetHydraulics0
7419981998 Japanese Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes334
7319981998 Luxembourg Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes534
7219981998 Italian Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes4RetEngine0
7119981998 Belgian Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes270
7019981998 Hungarian Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes226
6919981998 German Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes226
6819981998 Austrian Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes1426
6719981998 British Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes4RetSpun off0
6619981998 French Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes361
6519981998 Canadian Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes1RetThrottle0
6419981998 Monaco Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes2RetEngine0
6319981998 Spanish Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes226
6219981998 San Marino Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes1110
6119981998 Argentine Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes161
6019981998 Brazilian Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes226
5919981998 Australian Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes226
5819971997 European Grand Prix result10McLarenMercedes626
5719971997 Japanese Grand Prix result10McLarenMercedes1110Engine0
5619971997 Luxembourg Grand Prix result10McLarenMercedes6RetEngine0
5519971997 Austrian Grand Prix result10McLarenMercedes1026
5419971997 Italian Grand Prix result10McLarenMercedes6110
5319971997 Belgian Grand Prix result10McLarenMercedes10RetSpun off0
5219971997 Hungarian Grand Prix result10McLarenMercedes8RetElectrical0
5119971997 German Grand Prix result10McLarenMercedes8RetTransmission0
5019971997 British Grand Prix result10McLarenMercedes643
4919971997 French Grand Prix result10McLarenMercedes97Collision0
4819971997 Canadian Grand Prix result10McLarenMercedes570
4719971997 Spanish Grand Prix result10McLarenMercedes361
4619971997 Monaco Grand Prix result10McLarenMercedes5RetSpun off0
4519971997 San Marino Grand Prix result10McLarenMercedes10RetEngine0
4419971997 Argentine Grand Prix result10McLarenMercedes10RetCollision0
4319971997 Brazilian Grand Prix result10McLarenMercedes12100
4219971997 Australian Grand Prix result10McLarenMercedes4110
4119961996 Japanese Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes880
4019961996 Portuguese Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes8130
3919961996 Italian Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes5RetSpun Off0
3819961996 Belgian Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes4RetSpun off0
3719961996 Hungarian Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes9RetEngine0
3619961996 German Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes752
3519961996 British Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes952
3419961996 French Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes761
3319961996 Canadian Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes1043
3219961996 Spanish Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes14RetCollision0
3119961996 Monaco Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes526
3019961996 San Marino Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes4RetHydraulics0
2919961996 European Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes634
2819961996 Argentine Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes970
2719961996 Brazilian Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes14RetSpun off0
2619961996 Australian Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes13RetThrottle0
2519951995 Australian Grand Prix result6WilliamsRenault2RetAccident0
2419951995 Japanese Grand Prix result6WilliamsRenault6RetSpun off0
2319951995 Pacific Grand Prix result6WilliamsRenault126
2219951995 European Grand Prix result6WilliamsRenault134
2119951995 Portuguese Grand Prix result6WilliamsRenault1110
2019951995 Italian Grand Prix result6WilliamsRenault1RetSpun off0
1919951995 Belgian Grand Prix result6WilliamsRenault5RetGearbox0
1819951995 Hungarian Grand Prix result6WilliamsRenault226
1719951995 German Grand Prix result6WilliamsRenault326
1619951995 British Grand Prix result6WilliamsRenault334
1519951995 French Grand Prix result6WilliamsRenault334
1419951995 Canadian Grand Prix result6WilliamsRenault3RetSpun Off0
1319951995 Monaco Grand Prix result6WilliamsRenault3RetGearbox0
1219951995 Spanish Grand Prix result6WilliamsRenault4RetGearbox0
1119951995 San Marino Grand Prix result6WilliamsRenault343
1019951995 Argentine Grand Prix result6WilliamsRenault1RetElectrical0
919951995 Brazilian Grand Prix result6WilliamsRenault326
819941994 Portuguese Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault326
719941994 Italian Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault56Out of fuel1
619941994 Belgian Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault743
519941994 Hungarian Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault3RetSpun off0
419941994 German Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault6RetElectrical0
319941994 British Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault752
219941994 Canadian Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault552
119941994 Spanish Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault9RetElectrical0

Podium Finishes

David Coulthard F1 Podium Finishes

320072007 Canadian Grand Prix result17WilliamsToyota1936
220052005 San Marino Grand Prix result10McLarenMercedes736
119971997 British Grand Prix result8BenettonRenault834

Pole Positions

Alexander Wurz F1 Pole Positions


Teammate Comparison

Alexander Wurz Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1997BenettonJean Alesi3241400000321
1998BenettonGiancarlo Fisichella421716000179610
1999BenettonGiancarlo Fisichella52313000079313
2000BenettonGiancarlo Fisichella52218000089413
2005McLarenKimi Räikkönen3166000011001
2007WilliamsNico Rosberg3613150000610115

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