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FIA-F1 Joint Statement: Era of Collaboration Begins in Formula 1

May 16 – Peace may be breaking out between Formula 1’s ruling bodies – the FIA, and the sport’s Liberty Media-owned..

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16 May 2024

Alonso’s Diplomatic Diplomacy: F1 Veteran Meets FIA Chief Pre-Miami GP

May 6 – Fernando Alonso met twice with the FIA president ahead of the Miami GP. A day earlier, the Spaniard said he would seek talks..

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6 May 2024

Ben Sulayem Stands Firm: F1 Teams’ Opinions Won’t Sway Him

Apr.23 – Mohammed Ben Sulayem is charging ahead amid an obvious and escalating power struggle, denying that he necessarily needs the..

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23 Apr 2024

Sprint Weekend Standoff: F1 Negotiates Premiums for 2025 Grand Prix Races?

Apr.15 – A few question marks continue to hang over the newly-announced Formula 1 season calendar for 2025. Another 24-race calendar..

15 Apr 2024

F1 Race Schedule for Next 2025 Season Already Released

The Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) along with Formula 1 management have unveiled the race schedule for the 2025..

14 Apr 2024

Prestige Returns: Istanbul’s F1 Circuit Resurrected by Pirelli!

Apr.4 – Plans to revive the defunct Turkish GP at Istanbul have hit the accelerator. A month ago, Tass news agency reported that FIA..

4 Apr 2024

FIA Pressed to Counterattack Amid Allegations as Letter Urges Legal Response

Apr.4 – A raft of FIA member clubs and federations are urging F1’s governing body to fight fire with fire amid an obviously..

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Battle for F1: Sulayem Fights Back Amid Transparency Demands

Mar.23 – FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem claims both he and F1’s governing body are being attacked by people trying to..

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24 Mar 2024

Clash of Titans: F1’s Tumultuous Times Amidst Legal Battles

Mar.21 – Formula 1 continues to be buried under an off-track “meteorite shower of accusations” and “one problem..

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21 Mar 2024

FIA Roars for Fair Share: Next Clash with Liberty Looms

Mar.20 – There could be troubled negotiations ahead between Formula 1’s governing body, the FIA, and the Liberty Media-owned..

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20 Mar 2024

F1 Chief Faces Double Trouble: Alonso Penalty Fallout and Vegas Block

Mar.6 – A new scandal engulfing the president of Formula 1’s governing body has only worsened for Mohammed Ben Sulayem. The FIA..

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6 Mar 2024

FIA President in Turkey for High-Stakes F1 Race Talks

Mar.5 – Turkey is making a major bid to return to the Formula 1 calendar, according to the Russian news agency Tass. The outlet says..

5 Mar 2024

Power Play: FIA Head Allegedly Meddles in Alonso’s Saudi GP

Mar.5 – Yet another scandal is breaking out in Formula 1 – this time putting FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem under the..

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F1 CEO and FIA President Hold Crisis Talks with Horner

Mar.2 – As the Christian Horner saga rolls on, he met privately and separately with F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali and FIA president..

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2 Mar 2024

F1 Power Play: FIA Chief Challenges Calendar with Team Expansion

Mar.1 – The president of F1’s governing body has confirmed he is at odds with the sport’s commercial rights holder in a..

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1 Mar 2024

From Spice Islands to F1 Track: Zanzibar’s Grand Racing Ambition

Jan.26 – A solution to the notable absence of an African GP may be emerging in the shape of Zanzibar – an archipelago off the..

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26 Jan 2024

FIA’s Ben Sulayem Faces Criticism, But Ecclestone Stands by Him

Jan.18 – Bernie Ecclestone has chimed in with support for the embattled president of Formula 1’s governing body. Mohammed Ben..

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18 Jan 2024

FIA’s Ben Sulayem Faces Stormy Winter as Wolff’s Susie Strikes Back

Jan.16 – Toto Wolff and FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem appear to have kicked off the new year by renewing their respective..

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16 Jan 2024

Domenicali Urges F1 to Embrace Tradition Amidst Criticism

Dec.19 – Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has warned that his native Italy faces a battle to keep both of its grands prix on the..

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19 Dec 2023

Wolff Roars Back: FIA’s Red Line Investigation Sparks Controversy!

Dec.14 – The FIA crossed a “red line” with its aborted investigation into Toto Wolff and his wife Susie. Toto Wolff, the..

14 Dec 2023

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